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Pre-wedding honeymoon from Demet Özdemir-Oğuzhan Koç couple!

Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç couple, who got engaged recently, went on an early honeymoon. Oğuzhan Koç's muscles did not go unnoticed in holiday poses.

Actress Demet Özdemir and singer Oğuzhan Koç got engaged recently. After the engagement, the couple took a vacation together and prepared for their honeymoon. Demet Özdemir, the sought-after actress on the screens, received a marriage proposal from her lover Oğuzhan Koç on February 14.

The couple, who took a new step in their relationship, had a request ceremony and engagement between the family. 37-year-old successful singer Oğuzhan Koç started to enjoy the summer with his lover Demet Özdemir. The couple, who often shared on social media, managed to get full marks from their followers. A detail drew attention in the photo of the couple who shared a photo with their friends on the boat.

Oğuzhan Koç’s muscular body did not go unnoticed by the followers. Thousands of likes and comments rained down on the poses of the newly engaged couple. Here, muscle show from Oğuzhan Koç…

Pre-wedding honeymoon from Demet Özdemir-Oğuzhan Koç couple!
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