‘Sahmeran’ team escaped from the back door, Burak Deniz was caught!

Models in the past months Didem Soydan player who parted ways with Burak Deniz was mentioned with Şahika Ercümen in the previous weeks. Celebrating her 31st birthday in Kuruçeşme, Deniz was seen with her alleged lover Şahika Ercümen and her manager.


While the actor briefly panicked when he saw the cameras at the exit of the venue, Ercümen tried to walk away with quick steps when she noticed the cameras.

Burak Deniz, who said that they were just friends, said to reporters who asked why he is carrying his girlfriend’s bag, “You wouldn’t believe it if I said it. Yes, I am carrying my friend’s bag”. Those who saw the famous actor made the comment “Bagman Burak”.


After these developments, the famous actor was caught on camera entering an apartment in Beyoğlu. Speaking on the phone, the actor entered the building by saying “Good night” without answering the questions of the members of the press.

Serenay Sarıkaya


The shooting of the TV series “Şahmeran”, which will be broadcast on a digital platform, in which he plays the leading roles, has ended. The entire team of the series met at a venue in Kuruçeşme the previous evening, celebrated, and had fun until late.

It was also learned that Serenay Sarıkaya, who took the stage on the celebration night and gave a thank you speech to the whole set team for their efforts, sang on the stage provided that it was not filmed over the phone.

Burak Deniz


Having learned that members of the press were waiting at the door when they exited the venue, the players wanted to leave the venue through the back door because they were drunk. Meanwhile, Burak Deniz, who couldn’t get rid of being caught in the camera, just said “Thank you guys” for the good wishes of the press members.

The actress, who left the insistent questions of the journalists unanswered, got into her car with a hard look at the reporters who asked if Şahika Ercümen, whose bag he had been carrying recently, was her lover.


On the other hand, Burak Deniz reflected on the cameras after his separation with Soydan, “Is your reason for breaking up with Didem Soydan because of the brave posts on social media?” to the question, “Of course, there is no such thing. Are we backward?” By making a statement, he preferred to remain silent about the reason for the separation from the famous model.”

There is no such thing “When reminded of his former co-star Deniz İrem, whose name was involved in love rumors, the actress replied, “There is no such thing. Thank you very much”. “Didn’t you like it yourself?” Smiling at his question, the actor was content to say “thank you”.

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