Is Burak Deniz and Deniz Işın in love?

Stuck in lenses in Etiler in November 2021 Burak Deniz, “Is your reason for breaking up with Didem Soydan because of the brave posts on social media?” had answered the question.


“Of course, there is no such thing. Are we backward?” The actor, who made the statement, preferred to remain silent about the reason for the separation from the famous model.

Burak Deniz and Didem Soydan
Burak Deniz and Didem Soydan

Soydan, on the other hand, said, “There were reports that the reason for our separation with Burak was due to the posts I made on social media. These are absolute lies. As he said. We are not such backward-minded people. We do not talk about our private lives.”

“There is no such thing” Burak Deniz, one of the most popular actors of the last period, and his former co-star Deniz İrem, whose name was involved in love rumors last January, was reminded, “There is no such thing. Thanks to those who matched it,” he said.

The actress smiling at the question “Didn’t you like it for yourself?” was content with saying “Thank you”.

Deniz İrem
Deniz İrem


Burak Deniz, whose shooting of the TV series “Şahmeran”, in which he shared the lead role with Serenay Sarıkaya, ended, said that the love he was looking for was an actor like himself. Deniz Işın said that she found it. The duo was at a cafe in Etiler the previous day. Deniz and Işın, who stayed in the venue for five hours, were reflected in the lens while waiting for a taxi at the exit.

Burak Deniz, said that they were friends with Deniz Işın, who played a role in the TV series ‘Leyla ile Mecnun’, “Doesn’t you have anyone in your life?” He replied, “No, at the moment, I only have work in my life”.

Burak Deniz and Deniz Işın
Burak Deniz and Deniz Işın


According to the news of Behlül Aydın from Hürriyet newspaper; The duo, who displayed sincere attitudes in the venue, could not stay away from each other in the taxi they took. Deniz Işın rested her head on Burak Deniz’s shoulder in the taxi going towards Cihangir.

The 31-year-old actress, who left her colleague Deniz Işın (29) in Cihangir, later returned to her home in Kuruçeşme.

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