Statement from Can Yaman about his new projects

Can Yaman once again surprise his fans by publishing a video containing a very important message from his Instagram account? The video shows that our handsome actor is in one of his intense training sessions, but it’s not just the clip that gets his followers excited, it’s Yaman’s statement in his post!

The shooting of the Mediaset fiction “Viola Come il Mare”, in which Can Yaman will be the leading role, has been over for a while. However, fans of the actor, who hope to see him on screen soon, have received some sad news in the past weeks. This news was saying that they would have to wait until next fall for the program to air. However, as it is known, the new idol of the Italian public, who cares about his fans very much, wanted to give his fans good news with a video that will help them face the waiting.

The short clip shows Can Yaman training intensely for one of his upcoming roles, but it wasn’t just the video that got fans of the actor excited. There is actually a very important explanation to accompany the post:

The shooting of “Viola Come il Mare” has come to an end. It was a beautiful 7 months of hard work and sacrifice. Our beautiful series will be on air in autumn. So, very soon we will be enjoying the 12 episodes of the first season. I know the wait is making you impatient, but that’s what it is. So please be patient and wait! It will be worth it. But now it’s time for me to move on to other projects. Other great shots are on the way. A busy year is coming. Now with all this, I want you to understand that it’s not my job to give out too much information. Also, many things are contractually I can’t disclose for confidentiality reasons. I know you’re wondering what’s going on. But it’s only a matter of time now. We try to get my program right and find common ground for everyone. Getting things right takes time. Still, at least I can say that I miss this special training that I had to take a break. I can’t wait to continue where we left off. Stay tuned, I will continue to surprise…”

In short, Can Yaman did not give the names of his projects due to confidentiality but gave the good news to his fans that his new projects started after he finished the shooting of Viola Come il Mare.

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