Teskilat Episode 42 English Subtitles Update

Teskilat Episode 42 Turkish Series starring Caglar Ertugrul and Denis Baysal releases on 10th April at 20:00 on TRT1.

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What will happen in Teskilat Episode 42 English Subtitles?

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After the team captures Yıldırım’s private safe, the documents that come out of it cause Serdar to be confused. What is the photo of Serdar’s father doing among Yıldırım’s confidential documents? While Serdar is trying to unravel the connection, the team examining the documents goes after Yıldırım’s four critical men who run all of his business. After the operation, surprising developments occur between German intelligence and Turkish intelligence.

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While planning their escape, Lukas and Yıldırım are betrayed by an unexpected betrayal. Serdar, on the other hand, gets important information from the clues that Mete President left him. The team and Serdar come to the brink of an important crossroads.

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Everyone except Yıldırım, who had a hand in the assassination of the Mete President, was punished. Lightning is not there. The only way to get him out of his hiding place is to hunt the people he’s associated with. The team takes action to capture Yıldırım’s financier and the man known as his right-hand man.

Our team, which catches a clue as to a result of the intelligence received, prepares for a major operation. They have a new target that is almost impossible to enter, protected by high-security measures. The result of this goal throws Serdar into the deep waters of the past. The new facts he will learn about his life will turn everything he knows upside down. Things have now completely changed for Serdar and the team!

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