Teskilat Episode 55 English Subtitles Release Date

Teskilat Episode 55 Turkish Series starring Caglar Ertugrul and Denis Baysal releases on 13th November at 20:00 on TRT1.

Teskilat Episode 55 Trailer English Subtitles

What will happen in Teskilat Episode 55 Summary?

Ömer and Zehra are about to ignite a dangerous operation! Continuing his plan with determination, Hartley’s next step is revealed: to put Turkey in trouble in the international arena and to support the terrorist state! Ömer and Zehra, who set out on a difficult journey to find the location of the ammunition they learned to be in Turkey, have no choice but to succeed!

On the other hand, as the tension of Efkar’s deciphering continues, Ömer gets a clue about the person who saved him. Korkut’s secret journey from Efkar will cause new balances to emerge between the two. While the operation carried out by Ömer and Zehra to find out the location of the ammunition continues, what will Ömer do when he learns that the person he is traveling with is one of Halim’s murderers?

Teskilat Last Episode Summary

While Ömer questions who saved him, Efkar is worried about whether Ömer saw him. Sacrificing his daughter’s life for himself, Hartley activates the next move of his plan, which was thwarted by the rescue of Celine!

With the operation initiated by the Organization, Ömer and Zehra go down to the field together. To succeed in this difficult operation, they will have to put their personal fights aside. While Korkut rejoices at the discharge of his brother Zeynep, he faces the bitter truth.

Korkut, whose anger is growing, darkens his eyes! While the tension between Ömer and Zehra gradually increases, the unexpected situation at the end of the operation is about to put the team at a dead end.

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