Teskilat Episode 43 English Subtitles Update

Teskilat Episode 43 Turkish Series starring Caglar Ertugrul and Denis Baysal releases on 17th April at 20:00 on TRT1.

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What will happen in Teskilat Episode 43 English Subtitles?

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Serdar learns from Lucas that his father is alive. His whole life and his entire past are shattered in an instant. The team does their best to protect Serdar after the Lucas move, but German intelligence has already followed Serdar. On the other hand, the Company puts its grand plan into action against the Turkish defense systems, which it has been working on for a long time, through Yıldırım. The team, which receives intelligence about this plan and takes action immediately, receives help from an unexpected person. This help will trigger events that will shake the whole team, especially Halit.

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After the team captures Yıldırım’s private safe, the documents that come out of it cause Serdar to be confused. What is the photo of Serdar’s father doing among Yıldırım’s confidential documents? While Serdar is trying to unravel the connection, the team examining the documents goes after Yıldırım’s four critical men who run all of his business. After the operation, surprising developments occur between German intelligence and Turkish intelligence.

While planning their escape, Lukas and Yıldırım are betrayed by an unexpected betrayal. Serdar, on the other hand, gets important information from the clues that Mete President left him. The team and Serdar come to the brink of an important crossroads.

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