Tozluyaka Episode 21 English Subtitles Release Date

Tozluyaka Episode 21 which will be broadcasted on 20th November 2022 is a Turkish-made television series signed by NTC Medya, which will soon be broadcast on FOX TV. The leading roles in the series are Mustafa Üstündağ, Dolunay Soysert, and Tayanç Ayaydın.

Tozluyaka Episode 20 Recap

Turning the lie of illness into reality is a great destruction for Kenan. His fears and anger have come to the fore and he is in a state of panic. He had a tremendous effect on everyone around him. There is a cure for his illness, and someone has to pay for it.

While Mavi and Duru show the biggest reaction to Arap and Ali, who oppose Çağrı and Zeyno’s relationship, they fall into a situation woven with misunderstandings.

Children and their families caught in the midst of resentments, fears, and anger… While it ends happily for some; for others, it results in a major decision where they will be forced to make choices that will change their lives.

Tozluyaka Episode 21 Trailer English Subtitles

What will happen in Tozluyaka Episode 21 Summary?

Kenan uses every means to marry Derya. Derya, who is in a psychological and guilty conscience, has a hard time. The situation is serious and everything is up to Derya’s decision.

Ali, who learned about Önder and Derya’s relationship, is also surprised. On the one hand, the man her mother loves, and on the other, her father’s life. Berk’s fears came to the surface. Fear of losing his father brings him face-to-face with Derya. Will he be able to change Derya’s decision?

All the young people are in their own world in the middle of all this jamming. While having good times with fun, love, and sweet bickering, the decisions taken by the adults at that time will change everyone’s lives.

Tozluyaka Episode 21 Release Date

Tozluyaka Turkish Drama Series Episode 21 starring Mustafa Üstündağ, Dolunay Soysert and Tayanç Ayaydın premieres on Fox TV in Turkey on November 20, 2022, at 20:00.

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