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Tozluyaka Episode 3 which will be broadcasted on 18th July 2022 is a Turkish-made television series signed by NTC Medya, which will soon be broadcast on FOX TV. The leading roles in the series are Mustafa Üstündağ, Dolunay Soysert and Tayanç Ayaydın.

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What will happen in Tozluyaka Episode 3 English Subtitles?

Cemre and Ali’s rapprochement infuriates not only Berk but also Zeyno. While the silent reckoning continues, Ali and Cemre are still in awe of this rapprochement. But this does not deviate the Alis from their path.

They are still trying to find out what happened to Vefa that night and there is a big surprise. Hazal can no longer hide the truth. He makes a confession about that night. Everything starts over…

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Tozluyaka Episode 3 Release Date

Tozluyaka Turkish Drama Series Episode 3 starring Mustafa Üstündağ, Dolunay Soysert and Tayanç Ayaydın premieres on Fox TV in Turkey on July 18, 2022, at 20:00.

Tozluyaka Last Episode Summary

The ones from Tozluyaks unlocked the first door by entering the college, but now there are bigger walls in front of them. Berk and his friends are trying to send them back to where they came from. Especially Hazal and Berk start to act impulsively for fear that their own lies will be exposed. They also pay a heavy price for this. In this environment where right and wrong are mixed, Ali and his friends make a plan. Their intention is to change the balance… all they have to do is act right at the right time. They have to do it, even if they end up being expelled from school. They start the war and loudly…

In their journey, which they started as 3 against 5, a love begins to bloom. For everyone to see. The cards will now be dealt with from the beginning.

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Tozluyaka (TV Series 2022) – Synopsis and Cast

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