Uc Kurus Episode 12 English Subtitles Explained

Uc Kurus Episode 12 English Subtitles starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Nesrin Cavadzade releases on 31st January on Show TV at 20:00 in Turkey.

What will happen in Uc Kurus Episode 12 English Subtitles?

Neriman is still in the Üç Kuruş series broadcast on Show TV screens; He wants to meet with Ferhan and find out where Baybars is. Ferhan asks him to bring Leyla there to say this. Neriman still does not accept this, but when Oktay father hears about it, he creates a scene. Leyla gets upset when she learns that her aunt did this. She asks why she is seeing Ferhan, but she can’t get an answer.
At the end of the episode, Neriman told her that Baybars took her baby and only he knew where it was; He says he must reach Baybars before Kartal reaches him. Leyla goes to Ferhan to get the information his aunt wants. Ferhan tells him what his aunt did years ago.

Leyla followed Efe in the last episode and listened to her conversations with her superior from the door. He wants to face the man, but Efe can’t answer his phone because he has worked. He unlocks his house and enters and sees that he has a list of things to throw in, just like Ferhan. His brother’s name is also there. He sees pictures of his brother killing someone. He confronts Efe, who comes home.

At the end of the last episode, Efe and Kartal were taken to a place with a sack over their heads. The person they see in front of them; What Ferhan is talking about is Çetin, who is Baybars’ enemy. Çetin gives them information about Azade. They go to Azade’s hospital and steal the virus tubes from his lab. On the way, they save the people who came there to testify for Azade. Kartal places them in his neighborhood too.

Sesu learns that his fiancée of 5 years is begging for a job from other people’s places because he became unemployed after Kartal was taken away from his place. The girl works for three cents under the name of probation period. Sesu Tired of Kartal chasing after things other than money, she defies him. Afterward, she returns to the fight business in return for the bet she made before.

Şahin borrows money from a loan shark. He will start a business in the empty place his brother left him. He crushes his brother into the coffee house and invites the people there to work at the workplace. A few unemployed people aspire to work with Şahin despite Kartal and his warning.

After her father’s death, Bahar’s house is brought to her. Efe’s father brings Bahar a bag of money. Şahin sees this and publicly accuses his brother of eating his wife’s money. Kartal goes home and confronts Bahar.

Kartal gets upset after learning about the situation of the locals. free; While he was going to kill Kartal who stole his tubes, Baybars; orders him to recruit them under him. Azade offers this job to Efe and Kartal. Eagle accepts for money. While Efe refuses, Çetin tells them that in order to reach Baybars, they must agree to work under Azade. #EfKar thus accepts this job.

At the end of the episode, Çetin and Baybars meet. Cetin calls him “Dad”.

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