Umutsuz Ev Kadınları − Desperate Housewives (TV Series 2011-2014)

Umutsuz Ev Kadınları (English Title: Desperate Housewives) is a Turkish drama and comedy television series produced for Kanal D by Med Production and ABC Studios, produced by Marc Cherry. Adapted from a US production called Desperate Housewives, the series was screened for three seasons and a total of 157 episodes between 2011 and 2014. Bennu Yıldırımlar, Songül Öden, Ceyda Düvenci, Özge Özder and Deniz Uğur played the leading roles.

Original Title:Umutsuz Ev Kadınları
English Title:Desperate Housewives
Genre:Drama, Mystery, Romance
Broadcast Network:Kanal’D
Director:Merve Girgin
Producer:Fatih Aksoy, Isil Karpuzoglu
Writer:Marc Cherry
Cinematography:Baris Milan, Yildiray Erbinel
Total Episodes:157

Umutsuz Ev Kadınları Synopsis

Handan, who lives in Rose Dead End, commits suicide one morning. Their own lives get complicated as their close friends try to uncover the secret behind the suicide.

Season 1
Handan, who lives on Rose Dead End Street, commits suicide one morning. Their own lives get complicated as their close friends try to uncover the secret behind the suicide. Nermin, a wife and mother who is meticulous and obsessed with order, is devastated by her husband’s sudden divorce request. Elif, who is trying to cope with her 4 children alone, looks for someone to help her but cannot find her.

Former beauty queen, new housewife Zeliş’s mind is confused by the interest of the young university student of the neighborhood, Levent. Yasemin, whose husband left her for a young girl, meets Sinan, who has just moved to the street. Hearing this, her ex-husband Kenan goes crazy. Yasemin has to fight with Emel, the cheerful widow of the neighborhood, for Sinan.

Season 2
Nermin’s wife is no longer Behçet. Nermin’s ex-fiancee poisoned Behçet. The day Sinan proposes to Yasemin, Sinan has a traffic accident and is in a coma. Yasemin visits him every day. Nermin is about to have a nervous breakdown. He begins to stay in the hospital. But when he finds out that his daughter has run away with the neighbor’s son and that the child is the murderer, he escapes from the hospital with the help of someone (Altay). When he finds out that his friends are hiding this from him, he gets a little angry with them.

Elif has to deal with Ömer’s illegitimate child. Zeliş’s maid and Kudreti coincidentally got on the bed and drove her out of the house that night. Then she files for divorce. Altay proposes to Nermin, although Nermin does not accept it at first, they get married later. After this marriage, Altay’s former neighbor Arzu married Altay. He claims that he killed his ex-wife. Yasemin does not let this thing go. When Nermin learns that Yasemin is with Arzu, the two friends fall apart.

Season 3
Five long years have changed a lot in Rose Dead End. Yasemin is interested in Mehmet, who supports her in difficult times, but the conditions do not allow a love life. Elif has a hard time disciplining her teenage sons. He tries an interesting method to get Ömer’s support. Kudret leads a happy family life with his new wife Gülşah and their daughters. Gülşah is uncomfortable with her daughter’s weight being mocked, she tries to weaken her secretly from Kudret, but she messes it up.

Nermin expanded the business at the catering company he and Suzan founded and even published a cookbook under his own name. Suzan, who is uncomfortable with Nermin’s boss, tries to spoil her business. Emel married Yavuz, whom she had just met and did not know much about, and returned to the Rose End.


Songül Öden

Songül Öden as Suzan

Songül Öden Bıçakçi (born 17 February 1979) is a Turkish actress of Zaza descent. Her most successful roles were in series Gümüş, Umutsuz Ev Kadınları, Serçe Sarayı and Kayıtdışı.

Songül Öden was born in Diyarbakır. She had her elementary school, high school, and university life in Ankara. During her high school days, she attended the Theatre of Ankara Sanat, and then in Hacettepe University she had part-time vocal training. She graduated from Ankara University, Theatre Department. She was also a part of a project which is an adaptation of the poems of Atilla İlhan named Ne Kadınlar Sevdim with Enver Aysever as in writing and dramatization. After a while, she left the state theatre and then started to work in İstanbul in TV and theatre.

Ceyda Düvenci

Ceyda Düvenci as Elif Uzun

Ceyda Düvenci (born 16 April 1977) is a Turkish actress. She starred in several TV serials including Binbir Gece and Umutsuz Ev Kadınları.

Ceyda was the only and very favorite child in her family. Future actress’ parents had no other children. So it was quite logical that they put their hearts in their only heiress. Unfortunately, the family had gone through a very dark time. The father was an actor, but he became bankrupt and he took it worst. After a while, the mother got in the car accident, got blind, and had gone later.

Özge Özder as Emel Soylu Bingöl

Cenk Ertan as Kudret Tasdelen

Devrim Özder Akin as Ömer Uzun

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