Aziz Episode 11 English Subtitles Explained

Aziz Episode 11 Turkish Series starring Murat Yildirim and Damla Sonmez releases on 21st January at 20:00 on Show TV in Turkey.

What will happen in Aziz Episode 11 English subtitles?

At the end of the last episode, Aziz appeared before his uncle, whom he believed killed his father, and drew a gun on him. This part presses the trigger, but the gun does not fire. Edip Bey broke the gun, which they claim that his father killed him, years ago. That’s why St. He realizes that his father did not commit suicide. His uncle tells his brother that he didn’t do anything, and then he has a heart attack. 

He calls a doctor for Mr. Galip. It gets better the next day. He forgets that he is offended because he is still curious about him and goes to his brother Galip Bey. Learning about the incident, Maksude hastily returns home to her father from her aunt’s where she was exiled. Kenan tries to be nice to Maksude and steal the woman’s heart with the directive he receives from Piere. At the end of the episode, Kenan, who sees Aziz and Selahattin talking, watches them curiously, even though he can’t hear what they are saying.

Efnan was also offended that Aziz left him on the engagement night and that his father came and disgraced him. He asks Piere, who appears before him at night, to train him. Piere immediately accepts and hires a teacher for the girl, but Efnan, who is resentful to Aziz, does not go there. 

He realizes that Aziz Efnan broke his heart. They talk to Hatice and makeup with the remaining girl. The saint’s father came and said; Efnan also learned that Galip’s brain had a heart attack. Saint; He organizes a surprise engagement for Efnan with his loved ones at the workshop. 

On the night of Salip’s illness, Piere again offers Aziz to cooperate. Then she tells that her father works with them too. Galip Bey, who came to him the next day, said the same thing. He claims that Edip Payidar was working for the French, hiding the weapons in the last arms shipment, so he was killed by the Turks. If he wants evidence, he tells him to look for the guns. 

Aziz immediately goes to Mother Hatice. He says he wants to talk to those who send money to him from Turkey. Hatice confronts Selahattin as the person working for mother Turkey. Thus the Saint; She realizes why the man helped her. Aziz tells Selahattin what Piere and his uncle said about his father. Selahattin definitely says that Edip Bey helped them. He even says that he brought telegrams from Mustafa Kemal Pasha to his father many times, but they burned them to avoid being caught.

Although Aziz does not want to believe it, he begins to investigate the allegations. He searches all over the house and workshop, but cannot find the chests containing the weapons. He finds a key, but cannot find where it opened. Following a trail from his dream, he finds the French gun chests hidden in the basement. that he went to his uncle and found the weapons; He says he believes his father is a traitor. 

When he learns that Piere Aziz found the guns and thinks his father is a traitor, he gets a file from Mr. Galip. He brings the file home. Since Efnan, who was at home at that time, could read even with spelling, he was curious and when he looked through the file, he saw the word Payidar. He hides this paper secret from Piere and reads it outside. It is a telegram in which Mustafa Kemal Pasha thanked the gentleman for his services.

He meets with Aziz Selahattin. He says he understood that his father was working for the French because he found his weapons where he hid them. He tells Selahattin that he believes the Turks killed his father because of this. The man refuses, but he has no evidence. Then Efnan comes running and shows the telegram. Aziz finds the peace that his father was not a traitor and was probably killed by the French.

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