You won’t believe how much Can Yaman will receive per episode of ‘El Turco’ Series

Can Yaman, who continues his career in Italy after the TV series Bay Yanlis, The fee for the actor who will take part in the TV series “El Turco“, which will be broadcast on the digital platform, has been determined.

While the echoes of the 700 thousand TL that Aras Bulut İynemli would receive per episode from the Atatürk series continued, the price of Can Yaman was also on the agenda. According to the news, Yaman will receive 1.5 million TL per episode from the series “El Turco”, which will be broadcast on the international digital platform.

When we translate this amount to USD it is $ 92489 and in Indian Rupees, it is Rs. 71,85,737. In Pakistani Rupee, it translates to 1,85,07,212 which is quite a large amount per episode. No other actor in the Turkish Web Series has received this much amount.

Can Yaman, the project in which a half-fictional, half-real story is told, will portray the Ottoman raider “El Turco”. It is about settling in Moena village in Italy after the Siege of Vienna and liberating the village from the feudal lords.

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