Zeytin Ağacı (Another Self) Synopsis and Cast

Zeytin Ağacı is a Turkish-made romantic and drama Netflix series signed by OGM Pictures. The first episode is aired on July 28, 2022. It is directed by Burcu Alptekin and written by Nuran Evren Şit. Tuba BüyüküstünSeda Bakan and Boncuk Yılmaz are the lead role in the series.

Original Title:Zeytin Ağacı
English Title:Another Self, Olive Tree
Genre:Romance, Drama
Broadcast Network:NETFLIX
Director:Burcu Alptekin
Producer:Onur Güvenatam
Writer:Nuran Evren Şit
Release Date:July 28, 2022

Zeytin Ağacı Synopsis

Ada, Sevgi, and Leyla’s adventure, which started as “rakı, balık, Ayvalık” in the series, will reconcile them with their past and cause them to make brand new decisions for their own lives.

Ada, Sevgi, and Leyla, who met during their university years, have a beautiful friendship that has been going on for years. Ada is a successful surgeon, there is Sevgi, an idealist lawyer and Leyla does not make a career. Ada, Sevgi, and Leyla’s adventure, which started as “raki, fish, Ayvalık”, will lead them to different decisions.

Ada, one of the girls, reluctantly consents to Sevgi’s request to attend an alternative therapy in Ayvalık, and the three girlfriends set off. Meanwhile, Ada will encounter someone she never expected, and old wounds will regenerate.

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Zeytin Ağacı Cast

Tuba Büyüküstün

Tuba Büyüküstün – Ada

Ada is a successful general surgeon. She has an affair with Selim, who is a civil engineer. Ada, Sevgi, and Leyla are close friends from university. In her youth, Leyla had a relationship with Toprak and she suffered greatly from this relationship. Although it was difficult, Leyla forgot about Toprak and married Selim, but she could never forget Toprak. Ada will go to Cunda for her friend Sevgi and fate will compare her with Toprak again years later.

Seda Bakan

Seda Bakan – Leyla

Leyla is a close friend of Sevgi and Ada. They have been friends since college. Leyla did not have a career, she began to live by crushing her husband’s money. However, Leyla is cheating on her husband Erdem. However, because she loved Erdem very much, she put up with her husband’s actions. In the end, Erdem escapes and Leyla gets into big financial trouble.

Boncuk Yılmaz

Boncuk Yılmaz – Sevgi

While she had a successful career lawyer who broke off her love, she suddenly had to struggle with liver cancer. Sevgi had surgery when she had liver cancer and thought she was saved. Unfortunately, Sevgi’s cancer relapsed years later. Ada wants to hospitalize her friend and start her treatment. However, Sevgi does not want to start treatment without getting therapy from Mr. Zaman to solve her problems with the help of the brain. She resigns as a lawyer and her cancer begins to improve. This incident, which killed Sevgi’s father years ago in front of Sevgi’s relatives at the amusement park, has never left Sevgi’s mind.

Murat Boz - Toprak

Murat Boz – Toprak

He is the youth lover of Ada. He is a voice artist living abroad. He has never been able to erase Ada from his heart and the shame he did to Ada has never come out of his mind.

Fırat Tanış - Zaman

Fırat Tanış – Zaman

Zaman is a charismatic man who lives in Ayvalık and specializes in psychological cancer treatments.

Rıza Kocaoğlu - Fikret (Fiko)

Rıza Kocaoğlu – Fikret (Fiko)

Fikret is one of his closest friends of Zaman. He participates in Zaman’s therapies. In fact, Fikret is also a cancer patient who recovered over time. There will be a rapprochement between Fikret and Leyla.

Fusun Demirel Muko - Turkish World

Füsun Demirel – Muko

Muko is the mother of Sevgi in the cast. She is a great mother of fifty living alone in Ayvalık. Her daughter’s cancer was also very upsetting to her. Muko, who never married after her husband was killed, is devoted to her daughter.

Serkan Altunorak

Serkan Altunorak – Selim

Selim is her husband of Ada. He is a civil engineer. While Selim wanted a child from Ada, Ada decided to go to Brussels for 2 years, Selim objected to this, but he could not do anything. When Ada found time for her patients and surgeries and did not take care of her husband Selim, Selim also cheated on Ada.

Umut Kurt - Erdem

Umut Kurt – Erdem

Erdem is Leyla’s ex-husband. Although Erdem led Leyla to a rich life, he regularly cheated on her. He went bankrupt and fled the country while he was giving money to his wife.

Zeytin Ağacı All Episode Summary

Episode 1

Ada begrudgingly travels to Ayvalık with Leyla and Sevgi, who seeks alternative treatment. Ada runs into an unexpected figure, and old wounds soon reopen.

Episode 2

Guiding her through a tragedy in her great-grandmother’s life, Zaman helps Leyla face her fear of drowning. In Istanbul, Ada’s life turns upside down.

Episode 3

Amid an argument, Leyla urges Ada to accept the truth about her marriage to Selim. Ada’s vision reveals an atrocity inflicted on someone in her family.

Episode 4

Leyla needs a large sum of money for Erdem’s escape. Zaman sheds light on Selim’s emotional trauma, which arises from a devastating event during childhood.

Episode 5

Leyla celebrates her windfall but soon faces an ultimatum. During Zaman’s session, Toprak reflects on a misfortune that befell his grandfather.

Episode 6

Ada connects with Belgin and seeks to heal from the wound that pervades her matrilineal ancestry. Sparks fly between Sevgi and Fiko.

Episode 7

Ada discovers her father’s secret. Selim faces a dilemma that would jeopardize his chances with Ada. Tensions come to a head between Sevgi and her mom.

Episode 8

On her wedding night, Sevgi reads an earth-shattering letter from Muko. Leyla makes Fiko a business proposal. Ada and Toprak reach a crossroads.

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