Cop Adam Episode 19 English Subtitles Release Date

Watch Cop Adam Episode 19 has been published on our website in HD quality. The new episode of the Cop Adam series, which will be watched with great excitement on Star TV screens, will be with on May 3, Wednesday as of 20.00.

Will the Cop Adam starring Turkey’s favorite actors such as Engin Altan Düzyatan and Elçin Sangu be released this week?

Cop Adam Episode 18 Recap

After what happened, Tamer makes a move that will surprise everyone, especially Peri. In the hotel, everyone is looking for children. When Tamer and Peri learn that the children are missing, they go to Berrin. On top of all this confusion, Berrin and Ahu also experience the shock of being fired from the hotel. 

The next day, İpek goes to the company to talk to Tamer. Learning this, Peri sets out to find her mother’s place, and this time she loses her control so much that she really hurts someone. When he goes to confront his mother in that mood, he gets an unpleasant surprise. Peri now despairs of herself and asks Tamer to stop her. The solution he proposes leaves Tamer helpless.

Cop Adam Episode 19 Release Date

Cop Adam (Stickman) Turkish Drama Series Episode 19 starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Elçin Sangu premieres on Star TV in Turkey on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, at 20:00.

Watch Cop Adam Episode 19

The last trailer of the series has been added to the page! You can find out what will happen in the series, each episode of which is eagerly awaited, from this page, which we frequently update, and you can find the best tips on our website.

Episode 19 Episode Summary

While Tamer struggles with anxiety to find Peri, Türkan takes a sigh of relief on Ms.’s phone. Peri, on the other hand, shared the most painful memories of her childhood with Ms. Türkan and took the first step to be treated. 

Tamer and Peri encounter a nasty surprise when they leave Türkan Hanım with hope and return to the mansion. Unable to prevent the police from taking Peri, Tamer persuades Meryem to withdraw her complaints, but Meryem does not accept. Tamer uses the only trump card he has. After the events calmed down, Meryem and Yavuz went out to dinner. 

Bored at home, Berrin also meets with Seko. Meeting Elit and Selim at the place they go will change the course of the night. Listening to Peri’s sad childhood memories, Tamer makes a surprise that will make her emotional. Meanwhile, Seko, who sees the bruises on Berrin’s neck, comes to the mansion to confront Tamer and Peri when she learns what happened. Despite Berrin and Peri’s appeasement efforts, ties break between the two friends. This confrontation results in Berrin taking an unexpected step. However, he is unaware that this movement will create an earthquake effect.

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Cop Adam Series Plot

The story starts with Tamer, the software developer who unexpectedly made a huge fortune, kidnaps the banker Peri and locked him in the cellar, and will end with great love. We will see that Tamer’s obsession, which creates a world for her where she is close to Peri, turns into an emotional bond over time. The cast of the series, which has already attracted attention with its subject, also includes successful names such as Sedef Avcı, Füsun Demirel, Salih Kalyon, Hülya Şen, Elçin Afacan, Cankat Aydos, Ali Yoğurtçuoğlu, Büşra Çam, and Gülizar Nisa Ugay. The name that will revive Elçin Sangu’s childhood in the series was the little star Eylül Ugan, who attracted attention with her Sihirli Mom series. The Cop Adam series, which hit the set this week, takes its name from the ‘Cop Adam’ tattoo on the arm of the main character Tamer.

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