Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? − What is Fatmagül’s Fault? (TV Series 2010 – 2012)

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? (English title: What is Fatmagül’s Fault?) Is a 2010 Turkish drama television series. The first episode of the series was broadcast on Kanal D on September 16, 2010. In the series produced by Ay Yapım, the story of Fatmagül, who was raped by four men and forced to marry one of the rapists, and Kerim, who was forced to marry him, is depicted. When Fatmagül later learned that Kerim did not rape her, love began to form between them. The series is based on the script written by Vedat Türkali for the movie of the same name, which was translated in 1986. This 1986 movie was directed by Süreyya Duru, starring Hülya Avşar and Aytaç Arman.played. The script of the series is written by Ece Yörenç and Melek Gençoğlu and is directed by Hilal Saral.

Original Title:Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?
English Title:What is Fatmagül’s Fault?
Genre:Drama, Romance
Broadcast Network:Kanal’D
Director:Hilal Saral, Hakan Inan
Producer:Ece Tahtalioglu, Kerem Çatay
Writer:Melek Gençoglu, Vedat Türkali
Cinematography:Hüseyin Tunç
Total Episodes:80

What is Fatmagül’s crime? Beren Saat plays Fatmagül and Engin Akyürek plays Kerim. The shooting of the film first started in Çeşme and then continued in Istanbul. The series said goodbye to the screens on June 21, 2012.

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? Synopsis

Fatmagul Sucu Ne (What is Fatmagul’s Fault?) is a story based on the novel. The series revolves around Fatmagul (Beren) and Kerim (Engin) who are the lead characters. Fatmagul who is a small-town girl is raped one night by 3 guys under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Kerim who is friends with Erdogan, Selim, and Vurl are also present during this incident. Kerim has not taken any part in this but is feeling remorse as he was present during the incident. Later on, the lawyer uncle, and parents of rich guys pressurize Fatmagul to marry Kerim by bribing her sister-in-law. Fatmagul has finance Mustafa who is after revenge on Fatmagul and Kerim. This makes the couple leave their hometown and come to Istanbul. The story revolves further when Kerim falls in love with Fatmagul and supports her in the fight against her rapists.

Fatmagul is beautiful and naive; she is engaged to her childhood sweetheart Mustafa and is looking forward to their marriage. One night, after their engagement ceremony, three young men catch her as she is leaving Mustafa and start to play around with her. They never think that the joke will turn into rape at first. But later, the trio begins to rape her, one by one. The sun of her life is shadowed after that night; it’s not only Fatmagul’s body that was raped but also her life. Mustafa breaks off their engagement and even worse – in order to save the honor of her family, she is forced to marry one of the rapists. The newlyweds move to the big city, and so does Mustafa who can’t forget Fatmagul.



Beren Saat

Beren Saat as Fatmagül Ilgaz

Beren Saat (born 26 February 1984) is a Turkish actress born and raised in Ankara. Since the beginning of her career, she has received critical acclaim and numerous accolades for her acting. While studying at Başkent University, she participated in the acting competition Türkiye’nin Yıldızları and was discovered by Turkish director Tomris Giritlioğlu, launching her professional acting career.

Engin Akyürek

Engin Akyürek as Kerim Ilgaz

Engin Akyürek (born 12 October 198) is a Turkish actor best known for his roles as Mustafa Bulut in Turkish series Bir Bulut Olsam, Kerim Ilgaz in Turkish series Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? and Omer Demir in Kara Para Ask.

Engin Akyürek was born on 12 October 1981 in Ankara, Turkey. His father is a retired government official and his mother is a homemaker. He has a younger brother Erin. He graduated from Ankara University’s Department of History. His parents still reside in Ankara, while he and his brother live in Istanbul.

Fırat Çelik

Firat Çelik as Mustafa Nalçin

Fırat Çelik (born March 25, 1981) is a Turkish-German actor. He is the son of Turkish immigrants, who returned to Turkey when he was two.

Murat Daltaban as Münir Telci

Kaan Tasaner as Erdogan Yasaran

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Youtube | Kanal D

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
AskLaftanAnlamazinHindi | Promix TV | Turkish123

Urdu/Hindi Dubbed
Youtube | MX Player

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