Kanatsız Kuşlar − Wingless Birds (TV Series 2017-2018)

Kanatsız Kuşlar (English Title: Wingless Birds) is an ATV television series signed by Koliba Film, directed by Kemal Uzun, starring Melis Tüzüngüç, Ümit İbrahim Kantarcılar, Ahmet Varlı and Deniz Bolışık. It ended on 24 May 2018 by making a final.

Kanatsız Kuşlar Synopsis

The story tells the story of four young sisters fighting with all their might to keep alive and a beautiful young mother who endures all kinds of sacrifices for their children. We will see the evil from the good, the good from the evil, and the lives that will be born for the sake of happiness.


Melis TüzüngüçZeynep
Ümit KantarcilarOnur
Ahmet VarliAhmet
Deniz BolisikNefise
Fatih AlMuzaffer

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