O Kız (That Girl) Synopsis and Cast

O Kız (English title: That Girl) is a Turkish television series signed by Focus Film, which will be broadcast on Kanal D on 21st September 2022. It is directed by Özlem Günhan and written by Sırma Yanık. The leading roles are shared by Erkan Petekkaya, Sezin Akbaşoğulları, Cengiz Orhonlu and Dilin Döğer.

Original Title:O Kız
English Title:That Girl
Broadcast Network:Kanal’D
Director:Özlem Günhan
Producer:Nilgün Sağyaşar
Writer:Sırma Yanık
Production:Focus Film
Release Date:21st September 2022

O Kız Synopsis

Zeynep, like thousands of young girls, is a social media phenomenon and dreams of getting rid of her poor life. But while she strives for this, she is “mothering” her father. Because a 45-year-old big man has the emotions and intelligence of a 5-year-old. Kadir is a complete child-man with his toy car in his hand, his childish jokes, and their reconciliation. She fell victim to a cord wrapped around her neck in her mother’s womb. Kadir was born as an “Exam”, not only to his parents but also to his children. That’s what her grandfather says to Zeynep.

Zeynep’s dreams are big and she wants to get rid of the shelter she lives in her aunt’s house, the bed in the safety room where she can’t fit in with her cousins, her uncle who makes them excuse her and crushes her aunt, her aunt’s angry tiredness, impossibility and lack of money.

The socialite phenomenon Ozan, who lives the life he wants to live, goes to his house every week as a cleaner. One day, Zeynep meets Sitare, a businesswoman at that house. Sitare, on the other hand, is the owner of the management agency that directs dozens of social media phenomena. And Ozan’s secret lover…

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O Kız Cast

Erkan Petekkaya - Kadir

Erkan Petekkaya – Kadir

Kadir is a man whose fate was wrapped around his neck when he was born. That umbilical cord that connects us all to life put its signature on his life the day he was born. Kadir came to the age of 5 because of that birth accident, but despite his majestic size, his mind and heart could not grow from the age of 5 for a day. Hasbelkader’s only son Zeynep is his only friend and playmate. A unique father-daughter relationship is theirs… without a father in it.

Dilin Döğer - Zeynep

Dilin Döğer – Zeynep

In her 20s, dreamer Zeynep is an ordinary young girl living on her own in her small world full of financial impossibilities and heavy responsibilities. There is only one unusual situation in her limited and boring life, her father. Zeynep is the ‘mother of her father’, who has the intelligence of a 5-year-old child because of a birth story that went wrong. This sentence, which sounds very strange, is the truth of Zeynep’s life. It’s weird being your dad’s mom. Sacrifice is a sacrifice if you have no other choice… she just doesn’t know that does not question. Her heart is too big to question it, and it beats not only for her father but for her entire family. And… her heart beats for Ozan, where she goes to do housework once a week instead of his aunt.

Sezin Akbaşoğulları - Sitare Akbaş

Sezin Akbaşoğulları – Sitare Akbaş

A beautiful and fierce businesswoman in her 40s but ageless. Sitare is a stunning woman not only with her beauty and sex appeal but also with her cool stance, charisma, and success. While she was the boss of the advertising agency yesterday, she foresaw that the future was in social media with her open nose that smells good, and today she is the owner of the most rooted social media agency in the industry. The person she illuminates is Ozan, the first ‘project’ of her patronymic and also her forbidden love. Sitare’s passion for Ozan is the same as when looking at a sculptor’s work. A selfish and self-centered passion… In love? In Sitare’s world, love is the work of young girls in a confused state. She is in love with owning her ‘work’ that she created out of nothing with her own hands. Ozan is like a meta for Sitare. Her pride.

Cengiz Orhonlu - Ozan

Cengiz Orhonlu – Ozan

One of the popular social media phenomena of the last period is Ozan, handsome and devil-haired, who is just finishing his 20s. Although he seems to have everything on the outside, he is a soul rotting all alone in his inner world. Ozan, whose inner and outer are not one, is actually divided into two. Bard before Sitare, and Bard after Sitare. Ozan before Sitare was born in the small town of Adıyaman as one of the four children of an ordinary farmer’s family. The second chapter in Ozan’s life began when Sitare, the agency’s beautiful patroness, caught the attention of the agency in a short commercial that he participated in as an extra thanks to the agency.

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