O Kiz Episode 6 English Subtitles Release Date

O Kiz Episode 6 is a Turkish television series signed by Focus Film, which will be broadcast on Kanal D on 26th October 2022. It is directed by Özlem Günhan and written by Sırma Yanık.

O Kiz Episode 6 Trailer English Subtitles

What will happen in O Kiz Episode 6 Summary?

Channel D’s popular TV series O Girl, produced by Content House, comes to the screen again with a very watchable episode. Zeynep’s new decisions will mark the 6th episode of the series, which has won great acclaim from the audience with each episode aired.

While Ozan is shocked when he learns that Kadir, who he thinks is a drunk, is Zeynep’s mentally disabled father, Zeynep is in a state of shock to discover the strange acquaintance of the two. The winds of peace blowing between them under the influence of Kadir leave its place to a severe storm with Ozan’s unbelievable accusation against Zeynep. After the storm that Sitare also witnessed, Zeynep realizes that in her new life, which is changing, she has to protect her father from completely different dangers.

On the other hand, life begins to change rapidly with the new social media account he opened. This change, which is very lucrative for Sitare, triggers Ozan’s ambitious and competitive side. Sitare and Ozan come face to face and the Zeynep crisis that started between them grows by taking Ozan’s family into it. While Ozan finds himself in the middle of a big family crisis with Sitare’s hard move, Zeynep’s family is clamped together with an unexpected disaster. While Kadir connects the whole family with his pure love, Sitare’s raising of hands about Zeynep turns all the balances upside down.

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O Kiz Last Episode Summary

Zeynep, who ran away from the engagement, confesses that they are lovers in front of the press during the organization attended by Ozan, which causes a stir. As the changes in Zeynep’s life begin to affect her family, Kadir and Zeynep find themselves in the middle of a completely different adventure.

Ozan, on the other hand, is after the truth of who Kadir is, whom he finds in the most critical moment of his life. Zeynep, who fell into Sitare’s hands with this move, burned the bridges and Sitare is ready to do whatever she wants. And Sitare hits the gas. Zeynep and Ozan’s pink love story begins. However, with Hakkı’s intervention, what happened brings the love story to the 3rd page of social media. What happened comes to a dimension that even Sitare cannot calculate. The events that grow like an avalanche have unexpected results for both Zeynep and Ozan and their families.

What will Zeynep’s big confession be? What is the big change on Zeynep and Ozan’s front? Did Kadir or someone else hurt Ozan?

O Kiz Episode 6 Release Date

O Kiz (That Girl) Turkish Drama Series Episode 6 starring Erkan Petekkaya, Sezin Akbaşoğulları, Cengiz Orhonlu, and Dilin Döğer premieres on Kanal’D in Turkey on October 26, 2022, at 20:00.

O Kiz All Episodes Trailer and Summary

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