Oglum Episode 12 English Subtitles Update

Oglum Episode 12 Turkish Series Starring Tugçe Açikgöz and Nazan Kesal released on 27th April at 20:00 on Show TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Oglum Episode 12 English Subtitles?

While the effects of Tuğrul’s disappearance continue, İlyas’ suspicious behavior does not go unnoticed by Melike.

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Melike will not give up on the event before she finds out what her husband is after. As Sedat turns the arrows of doubt toward İlyas, the circle is getting narrower for İlyas.

While Tuğrul ‘s disappearance causes Melike and İlyas to face the truth, it’s time for Demet to face the ghosts from the past, and it will not be easy for anyone. While the effects of events continue, Ceren’s surprise move will change everything completely.

Oglum Last Episode Summary

Tuğrul’s detention as a suspect shocks Efe and Zeynep.

While Efe believes in her father’s innocence, Zeynep is almost certain that Tuğrul is guilty. Although Sedat tries to keep İlyas away from this issue, he cannot be successful. İlyas’s move will completely change the course of events.

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