Oglum Episode 3 English Subtitles Explained

Oglum Turkish Series Episode 3 Starring Tugçe Açikgöz and Nazan Kesal released on 23rd February at 20:00 on Show TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Oglum Episode 3 English Subtitles?

Efe is quite frightened after meeting İlyas in the forest. Efe does not want to meet Demet and changes his expression.

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Demet thinks that Efe is lying for fear of meeting İlyas. However, Tuğrul ‘s lawyer, Nedim, shares the change in Efe’s statement with the family. Tuğrul plans to improve their business and image by using the power of the press, telling Zeynep it is for the sake of his son. Zeynep and Tuğrul appear in front of the cameras, but things will not be as Tuğrul planned. While all this is happening, the couple Melike and İlyas, who do not realize that they neglected their daughter while trying to learn to live with Kaan’s absence, are shaken again when Ceren does not come home.

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Tugrul, who learned that Zeynep gave the bloody shirt to the police, asks him to account, and there are moments of fear between the two. While Zeynep argues that Efe’s problems are because of her father, Tuğrul’s words “the child I don’t want…” shock the audience. Stating that he did not want a child when Zeynep was pregnant, Tuğrul also tells Zeynep that İlyas will shoot Efe. What will Zeynep do after what she hears is a matter of curiosity? 

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After Efe’s confession; He says that the shirt he was wearing at the time of the painful event was in his closet.

The police who go home with Zeynep meet Tuğrul at the door. They search everywhere, but the shirt Efe mentioned is nowhere to be found. After the police left, Tuğrul tells Zeynep that he found the shirt and offers to destroy it. Zeynep takes the shirt from Tuğrul and is imprisoned in a great judgment of conscience… Should she really listen to Tuğrul and destroy the shirt, or should she hand it over to the police? Meanwhile, Melike and İlyas are trying to cope with the pain of their son Kaan’s absence. İlyas learns that there is a suspect about the painful event, but he does not have information about the identity of the suspect. However, İlyas is determined, he will punish the one who did this evil to his son with his own hands.

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