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Oglum Episode 6 Turkish Series Starring Tugçe Açikgöz and Nazan Kesal released on 16th March at 20:00 on Show TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Oglum Episode 6 English Subtitles?

In the trailer where Zeynep confronts Melike, Zeynep is confronted with Melike’s harsh attitude while trying to explain herself. Meanwhile, it is a matter of curiosity how İlyas will react when he comes home. While the threads between Tuğrul and Zeynep are at the breaking point, the problems in the marriage of Melike and İlyas continue. While Efe appears before the committee for his mental health report, the outcome is eagerly awaited.

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While the tension of Zeynep and Melike’s coming face to face continues, the committee that decides on Efe’s mental health concludes.

Although the decision is welcomed by İlyas and Melike , an incident that happened during the delegation is learned by Tuğrul ‘s lawyer Nedim, which completely changes the course of events. After this big change, nothing will be easy for the two families…

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There are striking developments in the emotional promotion, where Zeynep opens up to Demet and tells that she feels Melike’s pain and wants to apologize to her. While Ceren was having a hard time at the party she went to, the fact that Sedat came to İlyas’s mind was “Did something bad happen?” brings the question. While the images from the day of Kaan’s murder are displayed on the screen, it is seen that Efe is crying over Kaan’s head with great fear.

While Efe tries to get used to the new world she finds herself in, Zeynep tries to be with her son and do something for him.

Meanwhile, Tuğrul seeks to prove that his son is not mentally healthy and makes a plan with Canan’s cooperation.

While Tuğrul’s plan increases Demet’s confusion about Efe, Melike decides that she will not live with her son’s pain any longer.

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