Oglum Episode 14 English Subtitles Update

Oglum Episode 14 Turkish Series Starring Tugçe Açikgöz and Nazan Kesal released on 18th May at 20:00 on Show TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Oglum Episode 14 English Subtitles?

After getting rid of İlyaslar, Tuğrul is determined to do everything in his power to prevent Zeynep and Efe from leaving.

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While all this was going on, İlyas, who learned that Melike let Tuğrul go, thinks that Tuğrul will take his breath away at the police station. Ceren’s future is now between Tuğrul’s lips. Demet, on the other hand, is aware that Melahat has a key role in illuminating the event. He convinces her and takes her to the crime scene. Demet, who unites the pieces with the dissolution of Melahat, is surprised by what she hears. It is no longer a mystery who the murderer is.

Oglum Last Episode Summary

Melike and İlyas fall into great scrutiny with the move of their daughter Ceren.

Meanwhile, Sedat, who thinks that İlyas may have a hand in Tuğrul ‘s disappearance, pursues clues. Now the circle is getting narrower for everyone. Zeynep, on the other hand, thinks that it would be better for Efe to stay away from this environment after the events and decides to move from Şile. The chain of events that stopped Zeynep from leaving Şile will completely change the course of the story.

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