Zümrüdüanka − Phoenix (TV Series 2020-2021)

Zümrüdüanka (English title: Phoenix) Pastel Film signed Turkish drama series, the first part of which was released on January 25, 2020, directed by Volkan Kocatürk and written under the supervision of Eylem Canpolat.

Original Title:Zümrüdüanka
English Title:Phoenix
Broadcast Network:Fox TV
Director:Volkan Kocatürk, Serhan Sahin
Producer:Efe Irvül, Yasar Irvül
Writer:Eylem Canpolat, Doruk Erengül
Cinematography:Aras Demiray, Metin Turguç
Total Episodes:26

Zümrüdüanka Synopsis

Zumrut (Ceren Yilmaz) is a beautiful young girl who lives together with her mother Ulfet (Hatice Aslan), her sister Meliha (Miray Akay), and her father. She works at a factory and supports her family financially.

The factory where Zumrut works is owned by a powerful family Demirkan. Demirkan family is a well-known family in Cappadocia.

Zumrut and Serhat have been dating secretly and dream to get married after Serhat is discharged from military duty.

Zumrut is willing to wait for her lover but her marriage plan turns upside down when she learns that Serhat is killed on duty.

The bad news spread all over Cappadocia. Not only the Demirkan family but also Zumrut mourn the death of Serhat.

One year later, Zumrut’s fate intersects with the Demirkan family again. This time, Serhat’s uncle Adil asks for Zumrut’s hand.

Adil is a middle-aged man who is the boss of the factory where Zumrut works. He is attracted by Zumrut’s purity, beauty, and thoughtfulness.

Adil eventually finds the person whom he is willing to get married but he cannot win Zumrut’s heart no matter whatever he does.

Zumrut does not accept the marriage proposal even though Adil comes from a wealthy family. She cannot explain that she had been dating Serhat who is the nephew of Adil. She is still in love with Serhat and mourns for him after his death. That’s why she rejects the marriage proposal.

However, Zumrut’s mother Ulfet learns that powerful Adil Demirkan is attracted by her daughter.

Ulfet is a passionate woman who wants to get rid of poverty. Thus, she wants her daughter to get married to a wealthy man. When she learns that she could become in-laws with the Demirkan family, she tries her best to persuade Zumrut for accepting the marriage proposal


Alp Navruz

Alp Navruz as Serhat Demirkan

Alp Navruz (born 15 January 1990) is a Turkish actor and model. He is known for his role Cenk Çelen opposite Alina Boz in TV Series Elimi Bırakma.

Selim Bayraktar

Selim Bayraktar as Abbas Demirkan

Selim Bayraktar (born 17 June 1975) is an Iraqi-Turkish actor best known for his role as “Sümbül Ağa” in Muhteşem Yüzyıl. He received international recognition with his role in the Netflix original series Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

Hatice Aslan

Hatice Aslan as Ülfet Kuloglu

Hatice Aslan (born 20 February 1962) is a Turkish actress who starred in Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s 2008 film Üç Maymun (The Three Monkeys), for which Ceylan won the best director award at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. Aslan was seen as a strong contender for the best actress award at the festival. Aslan shared the Adana Golden Boll International Film Festival’s Best Actress Award in 2011 together with Görkem Yeltan for her role in Vücut.

Ceren Yilmaz as Zümrüt Kuloglu

Elif Çakman as Nevcihan Demirkan

Where to watch

Turkish Language
Youtube | Fox Tv

English Subtitles
Various Websites are Translating this series in English subtitles. Below are the links to the site.
ALAinHindi | Promix TV | Turkish123

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