Kurulus Osman Episode 90 English Subtitles Update

Kurulus Osman Episode 90 Turkish Series starring Burak Özçivit releases on 13th April 2022 at 20:00 on ATV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 90 English Subtitles?

Osman Bey with his sons Orhan and Alaeddin in a new era in Bithynia

The year has been 1299. Osman Bey’s sons Orhan and Alaeddin grew well and flourished. How will the new games established in Bithynia lead Osman Bey? While Bilecik Tekfuru Justinyanus and Yarhisar Tekfuru Basileus were determined to change the balances in Bithynia, Osman Bey set his sights on İnegöl, which he had been trying to conquer for years. What will be Osman Bey’s first step towards this cause?

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Osman Bey’s new enemies Bilecik Tekfuru Justinyanus and Yarhisar Tekfuru Basileus

Yarhisar Tekfuru Basileus and Bilecik Tekfuru Justinianus, who saw Osman Bey as a great danger, would-be relatives. Justinian was to marry Holofira, Basileus’ stepdaughter. How will the solution that Holofira finds to deal with this situation lead Kayı Obası? Who will make the first move to end the peace for Osman Bey and İnegöl Tekfuru Nikola, who have had to end the war between them for years?

time to be a state

The hostility put to sleep by Barkın, who has strengthened his friendship with Osman Bey over a long period of time, will wake up with news from Master Arius. What will be the Master’s new evil plan? Osman Bey has grown over the years and has taken great steps towards becoming a state, but their enemies have grown equally large. Will the trap set by Osman Bey for his enemies be able to open the doors of İnegöl to him?

Kurulus Osman Last Episode Summary

Will Cornelia unmask?

The attack on Selcan Ana has angered all Kayı Obası. Osman Bey will not let this thing go. What will Osman Bey do to solve the problem? Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun realize that Cornelia is trying to acquit herself by pretending to protect Ana Selcan. Now it’s time to prove Cornelia’s treachery. What is the evidence to expose Cornelia?

What is the big blow that Osman Bey will inflict on Nikola?

Osman Bey confronts Master Arius, who masquerades as Barkın and İbrahim Fakih. He expresses his doubts about the death of İvaz Bey and Umur Bey. What will Usta and Barkın do to try to dispel Osman Bey’s suspicions? While Osman Bey is dealing with his invisible enemy, he continues his preparations for the conquest of İnegöl. She is determined not to turn her eyes on Nikola. What is the big blow that Osman Bey will inflict on Nikola?

Will Osman Bey take the life of Master Arius?

Osman Bey has solved the intention of his enemy. Despite all his efforts, he is determined to disrupt their game. Until İnegöl is conquered, he will not sheath his pusat. The biggest obstacle to this cause is Master Arius. Will Osman Bey take the life of Master Arius?

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