Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 30 English Subtitles Explained

Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 30 starring Burcu Ozberk and Ilhan Sen releases on 21st January on Fox TV at 20:00.

What will happen in Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 30 English Subtitles?

The new villain of the Love Logic Revenge series broadcast on Fox TV screens, Rüya; At the end of the last episode, he came to the house of #esZan couple in a bruise; she fell in love with the young man’s arms. He says he was hit by a car on his way home to bring a report. Ozan takes his assistant to the hospital for control. Then they treat Rüya, who says she may have fainted because she hasn’t eaten, for dinner. 

The dream lied about her resume and education status while entering the workplace. When he can’t make a report, this draws Ozan’s attention. Ozan tells him to arrange a meeting with his lawyer Leyla the next day for a meeting about the company, but Rüya, hearing that Esra is planning a romantic dinner with Ozan, sabotages the event. Ozan has to meet with Leyla that night. Esra perceives the sensation differently and sulks. The relationship between the two is even tenser. 

The couple, who came to work early the next day, met with the banks to get rid of the foreclosure case. When he didn’t get a positive result, someone he talked to in the last episode called Ozan and said that he has found an investor who is interested in them. This investor Hilmi, who is very punctual and devoted to family, and his wife and #esZan couple meet and eat. Although at first, they pretend to be in a very happy marriage, they eventually tell the truth.

Hilmi Bey and his wife, who believe in the sincerity of Esra and Ozan; give them the money they need to save their company. There is only one condition. Their nephews, who have lived abroad and know this business, will be in the company instead of them because they do not understand this business. Ozan and Esra agree, but the person who comes is Efe, whom Esra often sees and befriends while in London. Seeing Esra and Efe’s sincerity; Ozan, who realizes the man’s hobbies and cool sincere manners, becomes very jealous of him.

It is the anniversary of Musa and Zeyno’s engagement. They go out to dinner. Zeyno gets very angry when Musa buys earrings for the woman instead of talking about the wedding day with a solitaire.

No matter what Eko does, when she can’t convince Elif, Zeyno and Menekşe make a plan to leave them alone. However, Eko, who was hurt by Elif’s harsh words; Elif, gives up on the relationship, is also upset about what she said. Zümrüt immediately hires a divorce lawyer. Eko, who thinks her lawyer has hired Elif, is even more broken. 

Barış, the friend of Rüya’s who helped him, is in trouble. Despite selling his motorcycle, he cannot pay his debt. Their creditors are also troublesome types. Peace; He offers to take the Ozan’s key from Rüya and to steal the house. Although Rüya does not want it with all her selfishness, when Barış blackmails her, she accepts it as helpless. 

Ozan, Musa, and Eko go man to man for a drink. Esra, Elif, and Zeyno also talk in the restaurant. Men who come to Gaza come there. Eko and Elif make up and go home. Learn that Ozan and Esra will come to late Rüya; In the company, he takes the key from Ozan’s room. Two friends enter the house, but while they are inside, the #EsZan couple comes home. Hearing noise from the room, the couple enters, but right there the episode ends.

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