Çukur − The Pit (TV Series 2017 − 2021)

Cukur (English title: The Pit) Ay Yapım, the first episode of which was aired on 23 October 2017, directed by Sinan Öztürk and written by Gökhan Horzum and Damla Serim, a Turkish-made television series in the genre of action and drama.

Original Title:Çukur
English Title:The Pit
Genre:Action, CrimeThriller
Broadcast Network:Show TV
Director:Sinan Ozturk, Özgür Sevimli
Producer:Yamac Okur, Kerem Çatay
Writer:Gökhan Horzum, Damla Serim
Cinematography:Tolga Kutluay
Total Episodes:132

Çukur Synopsis

Early life

Yamaç is the youngest son of İdris Koçovalı and Sultan Koçovalı. Despite a complicated past, Yamaç is arguably the favorite Koçovalı son, while also being the youngest. Both his father, Idris Koçovali, and his mother, Sultan Koçovali seem to trust and lean on him the most.

In 2007, Yamaç runs away from home after an attack on his family home when he was seventeen. The flashback is seen in Who Was Shot? During the attack, Yamaç killed a man in order to save his family. Despite, killing the man in self-defense and in order to save his family, Yamaç believes he wouldn’t have had to kill if not for his father – İdris Koçovalı who is the Head of the Koçovalı Mafia and involved in dangerous business.

After leaving home, Yamaç attends College/University, where he receives a Ph.D. in physical biochemistry. He later acquires a job in a top chemical lab in Istanbul. Yamaç is extremely intelligent and proves his proficiency in biochemistry and quantum physics throughout the series.

After college, Yamaç follows his dreams to become a musician, becoming the lead singer of a rock band. The band is very popular and Yamaç finds himself in the spotlight, often gaining the attention of beautiful women.

Season 1

"You were going to kill me when you had the chance. Big mistake, I told you; No one can touch my loved ones!" ― Yamaç to Elvis

In season 1, due to the death of his brother Kahraman, Yamaç suddenly finds himself in his old neighborhood.  A culture, people, and way of life that he has completely forgotten come before him. Idris Baba has a heart attack, Cumali is already in jail, and Selim is wandering around without knowing what he’s doing, due to this situation Yamac takes control. In the early days of Yamaç’s leadership, he struggles with Vartolu and meets Baykal. Meanwhile, as a result of the conflict with Kumburgazlı Serdar, they go to war against him, Kumburgazlı loses and is killed. Yamaç learns that Vartolu is his own brother while trying to find out who is the man known as the Beyefendi and who finances Vartolu. Y decides to confront V, making V appear dead, and they face off in the cell. Later, they join forces with Vartolu and finish Beyefendi, but the battle is not over and Yamaç begins to lose control of the Çukur. With the betrayal of Selim, Koçovalı’s family is expelled from Çukur, while Sena is locked up in a mental hospital at the same time. Yamaç decides to go to Celasun and Akşın’s wedding and finds his family in blood after being attacked by the Karakuzular gang. After Yamaç has taken his family to the hospital, he returns home and saves Selim, who tried to commit suicide, and takes him to the hospital too.  Almost in one year, Yamaç loses his brother Kahraman, journalist Hale, Nedret, Acar, Paşa and Muhittin.

Season 2

"After you don't trust each other, my son, will you be a better enemy than you! "

In season 2, Yamaç blames himself and chooses to retreat and returns to his old life, but Çukur does not leave him and he finds Kemal, Kemal asks him for help. While trying to help Kemal, Yamaç encounters his brother Cumali, who has escaped from prison. Yamaç was determined to take Çukur back, find Vartolu with the help of Aliço, and establish “the “Three Musketeers. But things get complicated after Koçovalı’s goes to meet Afghans. After rescuing their brother Cumali from the Afghans, they plan to prevent the Karakuzular from doing business with the Bulgarians. In the meeting of the Bulgarians and the Karakuzu’s, the boxes containing the drugs explode and a conflict begin between them. Koçovalı Family regains control of Çukur, but the war is not over. Yamaç was shot in the forest and was saved by his older brother Selim. It is learned that the person who shot Yamaç is Metin, who was blackmailed, and he is forgiven. Later, Yamaç meets Yücel, who was rescued by his brothers. Yücel is actually the founder of Karakuzular. Since his relationship with Çeto is broken, he gives information to Yamaç and messes up between Mahsun and Çeto. Karakuzular attacks Çukur. Çukur wins the war and the Karakuzular are completely expelled from the neighborhood. Çeto is killed by Mahsun while trying to escape. Sena is killed while he thinks everything is over. Deciding to leave Çukur, Yamaç kills Sedat by shooting him in the head. Yamaç receives a black envelope while sitting on a bench, goes crazy because of that, and fails while trying to find out the truth. Yücel makes a new move and kills Akşın by abducting her. The Mafia of Istanbul unites and decides to exile Koçovalı’s from Istanbul. Yamaç, Selim, Cumali, and Vartolu reject this decision and declare war on the Istanbul Mafia. Yamaç comes up with a smart plan to capture Yücel and the others attack and force retreat Azer and Timsah Celil.

While everyone thinks Yucel is dead, all the Koçovalı women are kidnapped. While the Koçovalı’s are trying to find them, they are trapped and arrested by the police. Idris and Yamaç come face to face in the warehouse they entered. The TV show the situation women of Koçova, and Yücel calls out to them and says, “One of you will die today.” Although Yamaç initially refuses, Idris says his will, and Yamaç is forced to shoot and kill his father.

Season 3

"If I'm going to lose, I'll lose by fighting!"

In season 3, Yamaç lost his mind after burying his father. Yamaç was admitted to a mental hospital and being treated. While Yamaç is in the hospital, Akın Koçovalı takes over the leadership of the neighborhood. With the financing of Baykal’s daughter Efsun, Yücel, Azer, Timsah Celil and Akın decide to be together.3 months later, Yamaç recovers and finds Akın, learns who is involved, and decides to take revenge. First, Yamaç finds Yücel and tells the truth to Yücel’s wife, catches Yucel, convinces him that his child is dead, drives him crazy, and puts him in the hospital. After, he goes to Switzerland to find Efsun but finds his grandmother Makbule. Makbule stabs him with a knife. While trying to escape as wounded, Yamaç encounters Efsun and faints. If the sun, on the other hand, cannot kill him and heal him, telling stories and making him sleep. After months, Yamaç finally sleep peacefully, and he was interested in Efsun. When he wakes up, he cannot find Efsun there and sets off again for his revenge plan. He sets a trap for Azer and shocks him in Adana by saying that either his brother-in-law or one of his brothers will die, just like the option given to him. Azer shoots and kills his brother-in-law and his sister commits suicide. He catches Timsah Celil in his house and shoots him, but Timsah Celil survived the assassination attempt. Yamaç returns to the Çukur and decides to declare war on all of Istanbul. After Istanbul’s mafia bowed down to Yamaç, he was attacked at the amusement park and saved by Mahsun. Later, Yamaç steals Efsun’s gold and is warned by Efsun. Because Yamaç also stole the gold belonging to the Erdenet family and they get into trouble. Çağatay Erdenet confronts Yamaç and offers him an alliance, but Yamaç is against the drug business, he rejects the offer and blows up Çağatay’s trucks. At that time, Vartolu learns that Yamaç is the murderer of his father. Later, Çağatay wants to kill Yamaç by pulling him into a trap, but Vartolu and Mahsun cooperate and save Yamaç, but they show him as dead. Vartolu and Yamaç went to Erbaa to face off. After the big face-off, Yamaç clings to life and continues his revenge story. One night, Yamaç assassinates Yücel and buries him with Vartolu. Meanwhile, Çağatay learns Yamaç was alive, offers a bounty for Yamaç’s life. Yamaç dodges a couple of hitmen but was shot and injured in the meantime. He walks through the forest and goes to Efsun’s house. Efsun calls a doctor and stitches up the Yamaç’s wound, dresses his wound, and helps him heal by preparing herbal teas. After Yamaç wakes up, he begins to show his interest in Efsun, but Efsun tries to stay away from him. Finally, Yamaç pretends to sleep, Efsun came closer to him, he grabs Efsun by her arm, pulls him to his side, and kisses him. Yamaç’s eyes are open while kissing, Efsun realizes that the woman Yamaç desires are actually herself and respond with a kiss and the great love begins. Meanwhile, Çağatay started to tarnish Çukur’s name and introduce drugs into Çukur. When Yamaç wakes up the next morning, he sees Çukur’s status on TV and goes crazy. Efsun convinces Yamaç not to die and Yamaç decided to go out in the night. He is saved by his brothers from the ambush set up by Çağatay. Realizing that he cannot win the war, Yamaç bowed down to Çağatay. Çağatay orders Yamaç to kill Emir Varol, a journalist who makes negative news about the Erdenets. Mahsun saves life of Emir, Çağatay’s number one man, Fatih, was shot and killed by Yamaç. Salih, Yamaç, Emir and Mahsun make a plan to finish Çağatay. With the help of Efsun, they put a man next to Çağatay and the plan begins. With the involvement of Police Erkan, Çağatay is caught and arrested while delivering drugs. After this mistake, Çağatay is dismissed by his father Cengiz Erdenet and his brother Arık Böke takes his place.

Season 4

"Cengiz’e selamımı söyle, Çağatay’a selamımı söyle; Yamaç Koçovalı geliyo de, saklansınlar.

In season 4, Yamaç meets with Arık Böke. Arık Böke, along with Seren, trapped and killed Emir, hangs him in front of the Çukur sign. Yamaç goes crazy and they get into a big fight with Arık Böke. Emir’s wife gives Yamaç the notes about the Erdenets, and because of these notes, the Koçovalı’s crash the delivery of the Erdenets. They dumped the drugs they seized from the delivery onto the car of Cengiz Erdenet and Arık Böke. This move draws Cengiz’s attention and he wants to take Yamaç with a side of him. With the new move of Arık Böke and Seren, Cumali learns that Yamaç is the murderer of his father and shoots Yamaç. After that, Cengiz Erdenet asks Efsun about Yamaç’s weakness in order to take Yamaç to his side and says that if she tells, he will kidnap Yamaç from the hospital and heal him. Efsun also accepts this offer and explains that the weakness of Yamaç is Çukur and that Yamaç will even sacrifice himself for Çukur. Cengiz Erdenet keeps his word and kidnaps Yamaç from the hospital and heals him. When he returns to Çukur, no one looks at Yamaç’s face, then Sultan Ana kicks Yamaç out of the house. Only his older brother, Vartolu, takes care of Yamaç. Having no place to stay, Yamaç goes to Efsun’s house. The ice between the couple melts and they spend the night together. With Efsun’s help, Yamaç sleeps peacefully. When Yamaç wakes up in the morning, he meets Cengiz at home and leaves Efsun without listening, thinking that she is setting him up. Cengiz Erdenet forcibly persuades Yamaç and takes him with him. After that, Arık Böke wants to help Afghans and takes Yamaç and Seren with him and raids the hotel. As a result of this attack, Iskandar was shot but survives. Meanwhile, Yamaç learns that Efsun killed Makbule to protect him and goes to Efsun’s house. The ice between the couple melts again and they spend the night together. Meanwhile, Yamaç learns that Efsun is pregnant and he is going to be a father and is very happy and emotional with this news. In the following episodes, when Çağatay Erdenet killed Selim, Yamaç left Cengiz and returned to his home. He dug 4 graves across from his house and made a promise to finish the Erdenets. He drives Cengiz Erdenet crazy with his plans, had Kulkan Erdenet kill his own brother, Ogeday Erdenet, and finally got half of his revenge by catching and killing Cengiz Erdenet at the hotel where he was staying. Efsun, who is in danger because of Kulkan Erdenet, is staying in one of the safe houses. When Çağatay Erdenet returned, Yamaç brought Efsun to his home. He told his family that he was pregnant, but he did not say that Efsun was indirectly responsible for Idris’s death. for Yamaç, the most important enemy has now become Çağatay. But things did not go as he wanted, first the Sultan kicked Efsun out of the house, and then the whole family hide it from Yamaç. Meanwhile, Yamaç killed Çağatay and avenged Selim, and he turned crazy when he could not find Efsun at home. Koçovalı ignores the pain of Yamaç and continues to lie to him. Saadet, who was drunk at Akın’s wedding, tells the truth to Yamaç. Yamaç went furious when he learns the truth, fights with Sultan, and goes in search of Efsun. Kulkan Erdenet was kidnapped Efsun and handed it over to Nizam, he also trapped Yamaç and kidnapped it to Diyarbakır. Yamaç has been tortured away from his beloved woman and child for 3 years due to the betrayal of his own family. After torturing them, he forgot his own name, Kulkan leaves Diyarbakır and Yamaç starts working as a shepherd on the mountain. Meanwhile, he meets Emmi and Aliço and remembers who he is, albeit a little. After Yamaç remembers himself, he remembers Selim and Efsun. Selim was killed, but the possibility that Efsun was alive made Yamaç cling to life. When Yamaç returns to Çukur, he witnesses that everything has changed. He finds his brother Cumali Koçovalı, who was exiled by Uncle Cumali, and they quench him. Later, he goes after Efsun and captures Kulkan. With Kulkan’s help, he finds the house where Nizam is staying. When he enters the garden of the house, he sees Efsun and his daughter Masal out of the window, and there he cries with happiness. Realizing that something is wrong, Yamaç follows Efsun, who leaves the house, and they meet at the restaurant. Efsun is very angry against Yamaç and drives him away. Yamaç does not give up and raids the house of Nizam, but the house is empty. Finding his daughter’s belongings in the house, Yamaç experiences emotional moments and puts his mind to finding them. Meanwhile, Çukur has been divided into two. He realizes that Çukur has been replaced with drug money by Uncle Cumali and opposes it. Vartolu cannot convince him, and Yamaç says he will not bow to Uncle. War is at the door between Uncle and Yamaç. Yamaç, who wants to heal his wounds and feels incomplete without Efsun, confronts her many times to convince him but realizes that Efsun is afraid of something. Yamaç follows Efsun to the house she went to, and he goes crazy when he sees the situation of his love and child. Yamaç went to rage mode and attacks the house of Nizam by own and kills 17 people in a row. He also kills Nizam by beating him with the edge of his gun. Yamaç, who saved his love Efsun and his daughter Masal, learns that Efsun is addicted to pills in this process and he heals him. During this period, Yamaç became a very good father to his daughter Masal. After bringing his small family together, Yamaç buys a new house for himself. They move to this house with Efsun, Masal, his brother Cumali, Damla and his nephew Asiye. Meanwhile, Yamaç finds Cenk, whom he learns that he is one of the torturers. While trying to escape from the Yamaç, Cenk dies in a traffic accident. Next is Kulkan, and Efsun convinces Yamaç to take revenge on Kulkan. Yamaç starts looking for Kulkan with all its power.


Aras Bulut İynemli

Aras Bulut Iynemli as Yamaç Koçovali

Yamaç Koçovalı is the main character in the television series Çukur, played by Aras Bulut İynemli (and by Tamer Yiğit in the last scene).

Erkan Kolçak Köstendil

Erkan Kolçak Köstendilas Vartolu Saadettin

Vartolu Sadettin (also known as Salih Koçovalı) is a fictional character in the television series Çukur, played by Erkan Kolçak Köstendil.

Kubilay Aka

Kubilay Aka as Celasun

Celasun Gümüş is a fictional character in the television series Çukur, played by Kubilay Aka.

Öner Erkan as Selim Koçovali

Selim Koçovalı is a fictional character in the television series Çukur, played by Öner Erkan.

Riza Kocaoglu as Aliço

Aliço is a fictional character in the television series Çukur, played by Rıza Kocaoğlu.

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