Gonul Dagi Episode 81 English Subtitles Release Date

Gonul Dagi Episode 81 Turkish Drama Series starring Berk Atan and Gülsim Ali releases on 7th January 2022 at 20:00 on TRT1 in Turkey.

Gonul Dagi (“Mountain of Hearts”) is a 2020 Turkish comedy-drama series directed by Yahya Samancı. The series premiered on TRT 1 on October 17, 2020. It is based on the motives of Mustafa Çiftçi’s unpublished stories. Berk Atan and Gülsim Ali play the leading roles in the series.

Gonul Dagi Episode 80 Recap

Uncle’s sons decide to use their grandfather’s car to turn a new page. A new era will begin in TVR Aviation. Uncle’s sons carry their hopes as well as the difficulties of turning a new page. Muammer’s heart begins to eat up because of his past with Veysel. Although Muammer takes a step to reconcile with his son, he encounters obstacles. Meanwhile, Rifat and Mihriban need money to buy a house in the town. They think about how they will get their debts from the townspeople whose credit book is full.

Hüseyin, whose hopes of finding treasure increases when he finds the car inherited from his grandfathers, starts a feverish excavation work. Hüseyin finds a safe while digging. What will be inside the safe? On the other hand, Halime makes some attempts to get Taner married. Taner’ How will the reaction be? Uncleoğulları starts the installation for the school’s laboratory. During the laboratory setup, there is a misunderstanding between uncles and Selma Teacher. The Kaya family decides to hold Ali’s circumcision wedding at Halime’s insistence. It is decided to hold a mass circumcision ceremony with the children of the townspeople. İsmail Altunsaray will be the guest of the circumcision ceremony. Veysel and Ramazan start the race to become the kirve of their nephew Ali.

What will happen in Gonul Dagi Episode 81 English Subtitles?

Uncle’s sons decide to learn the needs of the townspeople in order to make a good investment. The sons of his uncle, who started doing R&D in the town, develop inventions on a subject that the people suffer from, with the feedback they receive. Uncle’s sons advertise their invention and start getting subscriptions. Taner is overwhelmed by Halime’s increasing marriage pressure. Learning that his older sister Zahide thinks the same as his mother, Taner takes his son and leaves the house in order to get rid of this pressure. Where will Taner go? While Muammer and Hüseyin hide the gold they found in the safe from everyone, they do not trust each other. The fact that Hüseyin and Muammer stay together like an inseparable couple attracts Döndü’s attention. Kenan takes his father somewhere to help Muammer. Will Muammer be able to solve his problems with Veysel wherever he goes? Javelin goes on a journey alone. He searches for answers to his questions during the journey. Will Ciritçi be able to face Divane when he returns?

Asuman begins to worry that Ramazan cannot hold on to the jobs he has entered. Something Asuman did in secret from Ramadan is revealed. Hacer is uncomfortable with her son living separately from her in the cottage. Hacer, who talks to Rifat again and tries to return her home, puts the duo in a difficult situation when she is unsuccessful. Erkan is surprised by what happened to Şirin with a letter written under his own name. What will Erkan do when faced with a disciplinary offense? Will Taner learn the reason why his mother, Halime, pressures him to get married?

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