Güneşin Kızları − Sunshine Girls (TV Series – 2015 – 2016)

Güneşin Kızları (English title: Sunshine Girls) is a Turkish TV show starring Emre Kınay, Evrim Alasya, Tolga Sarıtaş, Burcu ÖzberkHande Erçel, Berk Atan and Miray Akay which was aired on Kanal D in 2015.

Güneşin Kızları Synopsis

Güneş is a 35-year-old woman who lives in Izmir with her three daughters. Her twins Nazlı and Selin who are 17 years olds and Peri who is 15. She is a literature teacher whose husband left her. She meets Haluk Mertoğlu and falls in love with him. She then decides to marry him, goes to Istanbul with her daughters, and moves into Haluk’s mansion. Selin is very happy with the move and immediately tries to wiggle her way into the popular crowd of kids. However, Nazlı initially refuses as she doesn’t trust Haluk and at first she doesn’t move to Istanbul with her family but later joins them for the sake of her mother. She meets Haluk’s nephew, Savas who is very distant and suffering from a terrible trauma relating to his formerly dead girlfriend. Ali (Haluk’s son) is not happy to welcome the guests and he targets Selin as his new opponent. Ali had a rough childhood and was never loved by his father or mother. As Selin starts giving support to Ali and shares his problems Ali develops a soft corner for Selin. However, Ali doesn’t know how to express his feelings to Selin and many misunderstandings develop between them. Later on, as they share their secrets with each other and Ali protects Selin from her father (Zafar), intense love develops between them. Nazli and Savas slowly become friends and she falls for Savas and helps him in his recovery and he too feels the same later on. Later it is uncovered that Ali is not Haluk’s biological son. His mother had an affair before marrying Haluk. Also, Selin uncovers Haluk’s deep dark secret which was that her mother was raped when she was young and her abuser was Haluk so the twin’s biological father was actually Haluk. Ali and Selin later get married despite Haluk’s severe objections. Haluk tries to get them separated but to no avail. The truth comes out and Günes has an accident which causes her to have memory loss and she doesn’t remember the time spent with Haluk or what he did to her. The sisters decide not to tell her and they all decide to move back to Izmir. Haluk after losing everything commits suicide and Ali and Savas relocate to Izmir to join their lovers.

This is a story of Güneş and her 3 daughters; twins, Selin and Nazlı, and Peri. They lived in Izmer. They decided to come to Istanbul when Güneş was proposed by a rich man Haluk.

Haluk has a family of many people including Rana (Haluk’s elder sister), Ahmet and Inci (Ahmet’s wife), Ali (son from ex-wife, Sevilay), and Savaş (Rana’s adopted son). Sevilay (Haluk’s ex-wife) lives separately.

1) Güneş believes Zafar, her ex-husband and ex-lover too; raped her and her twins are his daughters but in reality, Zafar didn’t rape her but Haluk did when she was in a cottage blindfolded in Izmer, summer of 1997. He claims he was in love with her. Zafar wants to take Peri, the youngest daughter and his true blood daughter to Germany for bone marrow so he could save his other daughter in Germany. He threatens Haluk that he’ll tell this rape truth to Güneş. So Haluk throws him in front of a car which by accident Gunesh was driving. She kills Zafar accidentally and they both decide to keep it a secret and Haluk buries Zafar’s body in the woods to save Güneş from a life sentence since she had stabbed Zafar once before and was in jail because of it.

2) Tugçe will later be friends and partners in crime too. She was once Emre’s lover but they broke up. Selin was also the lover of playboy Emre but they break up because Selin is kissed by Ali, and they fall in love due to their common past.

3) Ali isn’t Haluk’s son. He is the son of Sevilay, Haluk’s ex-wife, and her old lover Levent. She didn’t know she was pregnant when she married Haluk. Haluk does a lot of drama about this but when Ali comes to know and harms himself, Haluk realizes he had been a shitty father and apologizes.

4) Levent appoints a bar dancer/stripper Elif to know more about Ali. She comes to the university with Ali and becomes his friend which obviously Selin doesn’t like and she along with Tugçe tries to expose her because she feels there’s something fishy about Elif.

5) Some 20 years ago, in 1997 Haluk was married to Sevilay, and Ali was born. Haluk’s younger brother Ahmet who is an architect, painted Güneş 20 years ago as he was also in love with her at the time. She doesn’t know that.

6) Peri and Caan (Tugçe’s younger brother) later become a couple.

7) Haluk’s sister (Rana) learns the truth that Haluk had raped Güneş and she tells Haluk that she knows the truth and tells him to divorce Güneş so that she can live a better life.

8) Ali also learns the truth and tries to kill Haluk with a gun. Selin sees this. Haluk also knows that Selin and Ali are lovers so he tells them to break up. After that, Selin arranges a marriage so that Ali will become normal but Ali gets even more broken so Selin asks him to get married for real.

9) Rana tells the truth to Güneş about her rape. Güneş gets extremely upset and tries to escape everyone with her daughters.



Emre KinayHaluk Mertoglu
Evrim AlasyaGünes Mertoglu
Tolga SaritasAli Mertoglu
Burcu ÖzberkNazli Yilmaz
Berk AtanSavas Mertoglu

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