Aziz Episode 15 English Subtitles Explained

Aziz Episode 15 Turkish Series starring Murat Yildirim and Damla Sonmez releases on 25th February at 20:00 on Show TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Aziz Episode 15 English subtitles?

Aziz, who learned from Galip that his father Pierre killed him, takes action for revenge, while Hatice Ana’s words “I couldn’t stop him…” increase the tension. In the publicity where Aziz and Pierre faced each other, Francis’ shocked expression on Aziz’s words of revenge brought to mind “Did Aziz kill Pierre?”

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She is afraid that Efnan Aziz will hurt Pierre and get him into trouble. Knowing that the reason Dilruba married Adem is Aziz makes Efnan nervous inside while living under the same roof with Dilruba will be more difficult for her. Adem is blown away by a secret he learned about Aziz and Dilruba. While all this is going on, Pierre’s pressure on Efnan with the crime of murder will put Aziz on an irreversible path and all the balances in the city will be turned upside down.

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Aziz Last Episode Summary

The couple is having emotional moments during the promotion where Aziz gives the wedding gift from Princess Fevziye to Efnan. While the ropes between Pierre and Galip were coming to the breaking point, Pierre said, “Because today is the day Galip Payidar ends!” The words add to the tension. While Pierre’s arrest of Maksude puts the Payidars in great fear, Handan Hanım’s statement to Dilruba that she still loves Aziz and Efnan’s great sadness draws attention. Galip Payidar’s telling the details of the night his father died to Aziz creates great excitement.

When Pierre, who cannot reach the evidence, arrests Maksude, Aziz breaks his own rules for the first time and has to act together with his enemy. A new adventure begins for Adem and Dilruba, who were expelled by their father. This adventure will be the beginning of a secret and mysterious story that goes back to the relationship between Aziz and Efnan.

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