Mahkum Episode 11 English Subtitles Explained

Mahkum Turkish Series Episode 11 Starring Onur Tuna and Ismail Hacioglu released on 24th February at 20:00 on Fox TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Mahkum Episode 11 English Subtitles?

Reaching information about Savaş’s dark past, Barış learns that he is preparing to sacrifice Büge. He is ready to do business after he answers the phone from Rafi. However, Rafi will have one last and great request. Among them is a mole who has leaked their business history to safety. He wants Barış to find it and deliver it. Barış, who is in search of the mole, is faced with a name he never expected.

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Firat, who comes to the last stage of the escape plan with his calculations, chooses the movie night where the inspectors come for the action. While everything is going well, the preparations for the rebellion, which they hear from the neighboring wards, are about to turn all their plans upside down. Fırat, who is dealing with the other prisoners on the one hand and the escape action on the other, has only one chance left. Will he be able to make the big escape?

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“Justice will be served sooner or later!”

Baris, who had to make a choice in the face of Rafi’s great challenge, is about to embark on a new path. While trying to illuminate the dark past of Savaş, he continues to struggle to protect his family. It’s time to pay for the sins he didn’t commit. Time begins to flow against Barış.

Continuing to support Fırat in secret, Cemre learns a big secret about Tahir. Will he be able to explain this secret that will cause great pain to the Euphrates?

Fırat, who is engulfed in flames, is after the name who set up this conspiracy against him and his friends. While trying to escape from the middle of hell, he turns this into an opportunity with his intelligence. He has learned an important trump card in the great escape plan. He will either escape this prison or die here. The Euphrates is one step closer to the great end. Will he be able to get out of these four walls?

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