Mahkum Episode 18 English Subtitles Update

Mahkum Episode 18 Turkish Series Starring Onur Tuna and Ismail Hacioglu released on 21st April at 20:00 on Fox TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Mahkum Episode 18 English Subtitles?

“I will continue to remember you as time permits.”

Deeply shaken by Cemre’s death, Fırat pursues the murderer without forgetting his pain for a moment. They have no other chance to both bring peace to his soul and win their fight for justice. The corner snatch he plays with Barış takes him to places he never expected.

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Baris, who dared not to go inside the four walls, finds himself in a great mystery with the sudden disappearance of Sasha. With the death of Cemre, Barış became the hunted, and Fırat became the hunter.

Which one will emerge victorious in this fight where everything hangs by a thread?

Mahkum Last Episode Summary

ırat and Barış fight for their lives and save their children’s lives. A new page opens for Fırat, who reunites with his daughter at the end of his war. It’s time to end the Barış Yesari case. With the help of Cemre and her friends, she takes action. He begins to gather evidence about the murders committed by Barış, with the methods he uses in his own way. Fırat is getting closer to victory, step by step, when the murder knife is revealed when he least expects it.

Cooperating with Signor against Fırat, Barış is cornered when Fırat takes concrete steps regarding the murder cases. When Büge learns about Zeynep’s murder, she is shaken. Freedom on one side and the woman he loves on the other. Determined not to get between the four walls, Barış returns to dangerous waters.

Continuing to fight underground, Euphrates and Peace begin to move towards the absolute end…

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