Mahkum Episode 28: Trailer and Summary

Mahkum Episode 28 Turkish Series Starring Onur Tuna and Ismail Hacioglu released on 6th October at 20:00 on Fox TV in Turkey.

What will happen in Mahkum Episode 28 English Subtitles?

The murder of Haci’s brother Zeyyat as a result of the list from Dadaloğlu devastates Haci. Sharing the pain of his dear friend, Fırat has to keep control at the same time. He takes another solid step against Barış while trying to act with the pain of Hacı and prevent him from making mistakes. He made a move that Barış never expected, by giving everything that Barış promised to the prisoner who was held, hostage.

Barış, trying to reach the prisoner he took hostage to the Euphrates, tests Büge’s loyalty on the other side. Büge’s meeting with Dadaloğlu means that she deserves to go underground.

In addition to Büge’s loyalty, Fırat is one step closer to the place where Barışlar is hiding with his prisoner move. Separated from the prisoners, Barış receives an unexpected blow from the Euphrates. Will Barış be able to go down with Büge?

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Baris, who performs an action contrary to what everyone expects, leaves all the jewels that Büge will spend for the treatment of children in her lap. Büge, who is left with the bomb in her hand, is in great indecision. If he used these stolen jewels, he would become guilty and betray Fırat, otherwise, the lives of the children would be in danger. While all this is going on, Barış’s plan is different. This action is actually a test of confidence for Büge. Will Büge deserve to go down the path of Barış?

Fırat, who begins to clear all his doubts, takes Dadaloğlu, whom he sees as Barış’s biggest supporter, into custody. All he cares about is finding out where Barış and his army of prisoners are hiding. While questioning Dadaloğlu on the one hand, he also goes after Fukara, who is outside. Will Fırat be able to find and decipher the hiding place of Barış and the prisoners?

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