Mahkum Episode 16 English Subtitles Update

Mahkum Episode 16 Turkish Series Starring Onur Tuna and Ismail Hacioglu released on 7th April at 20:00 on Fox TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Mahkum Episode 16 English Subtitles?

The king of the city, Signor, aimed to eliminate all his enemies with his bombing action. However, the Euphrates, which he did not take into account, prevents a great massacre with the help of Barış. While Fırat thinks that he saved people from death, the execution of Sadullah and his brothers inside the mansion leaves everyone in shock.

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Signor has prepared a big trap for the Euphrates and Peace, which has become a major hindrance to their plans. He proposes that they take the blame for the bombing and the cartel in return for the lives of Nazli and Can. Cornered by Signor, the duo must accept being sentenced for their children to live.

Will Fırat and Barış be able to escape from the trap they have fallen into together?

Mahkum Last Episode Summary

Fırat and Barış, who disappeared while in the middle of the great duel, cause both sides to be in great anxiety. Despite being searched around the corner, no traces of them can be found anywhere.

Experiencing the anger of his word being violated, Signor is determined to end this matter from the root. Fırat’s pen has already been broken.

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