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Mahkum Episode 19 Turkish Series Starring Onur Tuna and Ismail Hacioglu released on 28th April at 20:00 on Fox TV in Turkey.

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What will happen in Mahkum Episode 19 English Subtitles?

Time is running out for Fırat, who is left alone with the truth of the relic. He races against time as he is taken away in handcuffs. As the relic threat approaches his fugitive friends step by step, he must make a decision to risk everything.

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Having escaped being a suspect in the murder of Cemre, Barış takes action when he learns about Signor’s mole, Yadigar. Everything that will burn him or save him is now in Signor’s hands. At the bargaining table where he sits, his future is laid before him. He will give what Signor wants, take Büge and Can and start a different life in another place.

A turning point comes for Fırat, whose fate is left to the bargain of the two men. Now he will be either free or doomed forever.

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“I will continue to remember you as time permits.”

Deeply shaken by Cemre’s death, Fırat pursues the murderer without forgetting his pain for a moment. They have no other chance to both bring peace to his soul and win their fight for justice. The corner snatch he plays with Barış takes him to places he never expected.

Baris, who dared not to go inside the four walls, finds himself in a great mystery with the sudden disappearance of Sasha. With the death of Cemre, Barış became the hunted, and Fırat became the hunter.

Which one will emerge victorious in this fight where everything hangs by a thread?

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