Barbaroslar Episode 17 English Subtitles Explained

Barbaroslar Turkish Series Episode 17 starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Ulas Tuna Astepe releases on 27th January 2021 on TRT1 at 20:00 in Turkey.

What will happen in Episode 17 of Barbaroslar English Subtitles?

In the TV series Barbaroslar: Sword of the Mediterranean, which aired on Trt 1, İlyas and the levents bring the corpses to Alexandria at the battlefield. Everyone was devastated by the news they heard; it is very sad. He is so sure that his brother is dead that besides mourning his death, he wants to raid Karabey’s mansion and kill non-Muslims to avenge him. Isabel faints because of the name she heard in sela.

Fortunately, Khidr could not find his brother’s scars in the cests, so Oruç made sure that the chief did not die. This news shocks everyone, friend and foe. Khidr and the levents track down Oruç’s horse. At that time, after Piedro’s soldiers, Shahbaz’s men attacked the Hızırs. Fortunately, they repulse them and follow the horse to an open ship. They see that Antuan kidnapped Oruç, healed him and hid him.

Meryem waits for her brother in the forest, but when she does not come, she returns. Following him, Nikola sees Piedro and his men nearby and becomes suspicious. Meryem draws a sword when she meets her brother in the bazaar, whom she heard about what happened to Oruç, the killed levents, and also set fire to them. She is speed; There are confrontations between Antuan and Meryem. At the end of the episode, Piedro orders Shahbaz to kidnap Meryem and bring her to Kalymnos.

When the fasting chief comes to himself, he first goes to the inn to take revenge. He kills Sinan and his men. While they are going to kill Shahbaz, Şahin and Isabel intervene. Isabel; She says she needs him to find her brother. He only wounds Shahbaz for his sake. Killing other non-Muslims and sending their heads to Piedro

Karabay’s wife asks Şahbaz to sink the ship with Ottoman fabrics that will come to Hüma. Shahbaz accepts and sends a ship. While the ship under Shahbaz’s command is about to attack the Ottoman ship, the ship commanded by a female captain rescues them. We learn that the woman is Shahbaz’s sister Shahmaran from their hugs in the port.

Piedro; He attacks Lesbos with the Knights of Rhodes, whom he calls his son, and Leonardo, whom he tried to save in the last episode. He holds the city on the ball. Then the soldiers who came to the city attacked the people. Khidr chief makes a plan to break the siege. With the successful plan, Oruç chief and his companions go to the island from the other side.

The Venetians besiege Lent and his companions, but they kill the knights and take their place. They act as if they were captured by knights. Fasting that comes up to the center like Esiroish; In front of the Rhodes knight and Leonardo, they throw the ropes in their hands and enter the battle order.

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