Barbaroslar Episode 23 English Subtitles Explained

Barbaroslar Turkish Series starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Ulas Tuna Astepe. Barbaroslar Episode 23 will be releases on 10th March 2022 on TRT1 at 20:00 in Turkey.

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What will happen in Barbaroslar Episode 23 English Subtitles?

Fearing that the captive Baba Oruç and Hızır Reis, who had secretly entered Modon to save him, would be killed, İlyas had agreed to hand over his fleet to Gabriel despite all the warnings of his brothers. Gabriel, who took the fleet and trapped İlyas and his janissaries, did not give Oruç, but also drew Hızır and his levents into a great death trap, which he learned that he had come to Modon. How will Ilyas get out of here, surrounded by Gabriel and his soldiers? Which plan will save Hızır, Piri Reis, and their levents, who are detained by Pablo? What will happen to Oruç Reis, whose captivity has become more difficult and has been removed from Modon? What will this heedlessness of İlyas cost in the lives of the Barbaros brothers?

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Messiah Pasha, who wanted to prevent the uncanny in Kelemez, wanted to appoint İlyas to the city’s guard. Ilyas, who knew that if he did not pass, the skin would be given to Shahbaz, had to accept this offer. With this decision, what will İlyas, who has drawn the anger of Hüma, Isabel, and Meryem, do in the face of the orders of Messiah Pasha? What will Hızır do when he learns that the sword that Oruç put on his skin was taken down by İlyas?

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Will Meryem, whose suspicions about my person are increasing day by day, will be able to reveal her true face? Will Şahin, who was shot by Şahbaz and Şahsenem, be saved?

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Oruç Reis, who succeeded in capturing Gabriel’s fleet by catching up with the attack on Levitha Island at the last moment, did not surrender the navy despite all the warnings of Messiah Pasha. Oruç Reis and Antuan, who agreed to go to the meeting to be held in Gallipoli to make their defense against the Ottomans, were taken prisoner by Gabriel and his men when they boarded the ship.

What will happen to Oruç and Antuan, whom Gabriel said he would make a slave? How will Şahbaz, who has caught Oruç with his plan, take advantage of the gap in Kelemez? What will Isabel do after Oruç’s disappearance, eagerly awaiting the realization of their marriage? Hizir, Piri Reis, and the levents, who took action in the open sea to relocate the Venetian fleets, were stranded under the arrows of Pablo and his men. Khidr, Who will save Piri Reis and his levents from this ring of fire? How will Hızır go to save Oruç and Antuan?

The relationship between İlyas and Oruç, who resented being taken away from his duty in Kelemez, was on the verge of falling apart. How will Messiah Pasha, who tries to provoke İlyas against Oruç Reis at every opportunity, attract İlyas to himself? How will Firuze, who came to Kelemez with the privilege of Messiah Pasha, take her revenge on Hüma and her family? Personally, I was very impressed by Hızır who saved his life. What will be the attitude of Meryem in this situation?

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