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Barbaroslar Turkish Series starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Ulas Tuna Astepe. Barbaroslar Episode 29 will be releases on 28th March 2022 on TRT1 at 20:00 in Turkey.

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What will happen in Barbaroslar Episode 29 English Subtitles?

Hızır, Kara Hasan, Piri Reis, Murad, and the levents succeeded in catching Şahbaz and Piero, who covered Kelemez with blood, and proved that İlyas was innocent and that Gabriel was hiding behind the scenes of the massacre. After the conquest of Modon, Gabriel, who was trying to escape, was stopped by Oruç Reis’ sword. Will Gabriel die?

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On the other hand, Don Diego, whose pride was trampled by the abduction of Şahbaz and Piero, who took refuge in their lands, asked Oruç and Hızır to deliver the Andalusian slaves belonging to their kingdom and said that otherwise, he would start a massacre in Kelemez.

How will Don Diego take his revenge on Oruç and Hızır who do not accept his offer? Will he make an attack on Kelmez? Will Rosa, who wants to take Meryem and Isabel captive and sell them as slaves, achieve her desire?

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Learning that despite all his efforts, Baba Oruç and Hızır were helpless to save him, İlyas escaped from the dungeon where he was held with the help of Esma and took the aide of Messiah Pasha prisoner to confess the real culprits of the massacre in Kelemez. In the face of this event, Oruç could not prevent the Messiah Pasha, who said that he would kill İlyas where he found it, and İlyas was shot down in front of his eyes.

How will Oruç take his revenge on the Messiah Pasha, who shot his brother? Will Ilyas live? Hüma told Esma, who caused İlyas to escape from the dungeon, that if anything happened to İlyas’s life, he would trample him. What punishment will Hüma give him and what will Esma do in return? Khidr, Piri Reis, and Murad, They tracked down Shahbaz and Piero, who were preparing to come under Don Diego’s protection, and were trapped while they were going to capture them.

Will Hızır and the levents, who escaped from this trap with the arrival of Kara Hasan and Ottoman soldiers, be able to take Şahbaz and Piero to Kelemez? What are the obstacles waiting for them on the way, who will be the new enemies? Will it be revealed that Gabriel was involved in the massacre in Kelemez? Will the conquest of Modon begin?

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