Barbaroslar Episode 21 English Subtitles Explained

Barbaroslar Turkish Series Episode 21 starring Engin Altan Düzyatan and Ulas Tuna Astepe. Barbaroslar Episode 21 will be releases on 24th February 2022 on TRT1 at 20:00 in Turkey.

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What will happen in Barbaroslar Episode 21 English Subtitles?

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Baba Oruç, who managed to enter the Kalymnos Castle as a result of their tough struggles, killed Hızır Reis and his levents Pietro, conquered the castle, and hung the Ottoman flag. Messiah Pasha, who took the city with his support for the attack with his soldiers, counted Oruç Reis as the commander of the conquest of Kalymnos.

What awaits the brothers of Barbaros, who will make Kalymnos their home? Which enemies from the past will confront Oruç and Hızır Reis, who aim to make the Mediterranean a Turkish homeland on the way to their cause? Meryem, who was detained in the castle by poisoning her consciousness by her older brother Pietro, managed to see the truth and helped Hızır and Oruç Reis enter the castle by secretly plotting.

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What will happen between Meryem and Hızır, who are reunited with their cause and loved ones? Isabel, who devoted her life to finding her brother Martin, learned that he was a spy working for Pietro and came to the conquest of Kalymnos and offered her help to get out of the pit he fell into. Martin, on the other hand, had committed suicide by refusing his sister’s call for help, out of devotion to Pietro. What will Isabel do when she loses her sister? What will be the relationship between Oruç Reis and Isabel?

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Realizing that the Ottoman spies had dug a secret passage underground in Kalymnos, Hızır and Piri Reis planned to start the conquest with this secret passage, which they would dig under the castle, together with Baba Oruç. But Pietro, who learned this plan from the spy Martin, who had infiltrated the Ottoman headquarters, succeeded in detonating the place where Piri Reis, Hızır, Niko, and their levents were, with the bombs he placed in the passage. Will Oruç Reis be able to save his brother Hızır and his levents? Will Messiah Pasha kill Oruç Reis, whom he threatens to take his head if he fails? Will Oruç Reis be able to catch Martin, the spy in them? What will Isabel do when she finds out that her brother is a spy?

Meryem understood that her brother Pietro had deceived her and stabbed Khidr. Will Meryem, whose consciousness continues to be poisoned, will be able to get rid of the castle? Will Piri Reis be able to avenge Salvator, who killed the Ottoman spies? Will Oruç Reis and his levents be able to conquer Kalymnos despite all the difficulties?

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