Destan Episode 11 English Subtitles Explained

Destan Episode 11 starring Ebru Sahin, Edip Tepeli, and Burak Tozkoparan released on 15th February 2022 at 20:00 on ATV.

What will happen in Destan Episode 11 English Subtitles?

Vargı begs with the instruction of Ulu Ece; Soldiers set the tents on fire to burn Akkız and Batuga inside. Saltug and Temur try to get in and get them out, but Batuga is handcuffed. When they act to cut it, Akkız tries to prevent it. When Ulu Ece sees Temur’s horse there, she realizes that her son is also inside. Vargı beg finds the key to the handcuffs and takes out Batuga, who is already unconscious, and Akkız, who has passed out from the smoke.
In the epic series broadcast on ATV screens, Alpagu Khan invites everyone to the Western Gök Khanate. He tells his beglers that after Balamir’s absence, he declared his own son Kaya yabgu instead. It was the most important task after the khanate. When a beg protests, Alpagu khan kills him and the others are forced to accept his decision.

Balamir, whom Cholpan hid in his tent, agree to cooperate with the son of the baby whom Alpagu killed. The young man vows to avenge his murdered father from Alpagu.

While Akkız and Batuga are trying to remember what happened in a cave, Saltuk and Temur realize that he is not missing. Temur gets angry because he didn’t tell him. Batuga says that if this secret is revealed, he did not tell him because he knew that he would lose his head, but Temur still does not forgive him.

Saltuk adapts to the situation and immediately goes to the Mountain tribe. There, Yaman searches for Sirma and Tutkun. When he couldn’t find it, he took the wolf and Kunata out. The bond between them and Çolpan has been severed. Vargı Beg follows them with his men. While he will attack when they meet Akkız, Temur does not attack when he goes with them. Kurd; The smell of Sırma’s dress finds the place where they were held, but the captives have already been taken away. Vargı Beg, who thinks that Temur is gone, attacks with his men, but Tegin comes and saves them.

They call it torture to make Sirma and Yaman say what they know. Tutkun, who can’t stand their situation, thinks that there is no one inside and says Akkız is a claw. The priest leaves a note for Akkız to use immediately. If he wants to reunite with his friends, he asks her to meet him in the palace.

When they realize that they will not find the prisoners, they return to the palace. Both Alpagu Khan and Günseli are happy with the arrival of Batuga. They lie that not the Chinese but the fugitive Balamir’s men kidnapped him. With the wisdom given by Ulu Ece, who wants to eliminate Akkız, they force her to appear at the yabgu ceremony and say that she is a claw. Akkız agrees when she says that if she says it’s a claw, she will save her friends, but she doesn’t say anything to prevent Batuga.

During the Yabguluk ceremony, Akkız appears and says she has a claw. While they are going to tie him to the pole and shoot him, Batuga, whom the girl sent to the tunnels, catches up. He emerges shouting “Stop”. When everyone is shocked, Ulu Ece wants to have him killed because he lied to the ceremony. Batuga says that he demanded a trial and that Akkız is his witness.

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