Destan Episode 14 English Subtitles Explained

Destan Episode 14 starring Ebru Sahin, Edip Tepeli, and Burak Tozkoparan released on 8th March 2022 at 20:00 on ATV.

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What will happen in Destan Episode 14 English Subtitles?

In the fourteenth chapter of the epic, Batuga and Akkız ‘s struggle for existence against Alpagu Han and Gök Saray, and Chinese Taizu ‘s game, which even the devil can’t think of, will mark. Alpagu Khan, who raided the small nomadic tribe of Batuga and Akkız, gave the order to attack his alps after he shot Sirma, but Batuga and Akkız are prepared for such an attack. Akkız, who set traps for years in the steppe and plundered the Gök caravans, has now set up a trap to defend themselves against the Gök Khanate.

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Alpagu Khan falls into this trap and has to negotiate with Batuga, but Alpagu Khan turns the trap into an opportunity and offers to be their hostage until the bargaining conditions are met in order to get to know his new enemy. This obligatory guest starts a terrible war of nerves between father and son.

The things that Batuga and Akkız want for bargaining make both Ulu Ece and Taizu very angry. Taizu sets out to fulfill his promise to Akkız ” Either you become a dog of China or you all die “. The way he finds is a way that even the devil can not think of. Now Batuga and Akkız need to save not only themselves but all of Türkeli.

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Why was Batuga, who was born with a blood clot in his palm, like his ancestor Oguz Han, disabled in the highly anticipated new episode of Destan? How did the son of the khan, who remained unnamed for years, get the name Batuga, which means ‘hidden hero’? What was the hardest thing Batuga went through? How did he look into the face of his father, who killed his mother after pretending to lose his mind? Who left Batuga crippled and dumb?

Akkız and Batuga, who are ready to make all kinds of sacrifices to unite the Turks, will find both China and Russia in this struggle! When Ulu Ece, who secretly uses China, cannot kill Akkız, she evaluates her biggest weakness and uses Batuga.

Akkız sacrifices herself for Batuga, whom she considers a double-headed wolf. Alpagu Han has to give his verdict for Akkız’s death. When Akkız is about to be executed in the courtyard of the Gök Saray, Batuga, who does not consent to this sacrifice, makes an incredible move. Batuga, who knows very well that there is a possibility of being killed when it is understood that she is smart, however, when Akkız is on the verge of death, she puts herself forward and stands before her father and all the palace staff: ‘Stop!’

After Batuga’s move, nothing will be the same in the Gök Khanate!

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