Destan Episode 9 English Subtitles Explained

Destan Episode 9 starring Ebru Sahin, Edip Tepeli, and Burak Tozkoparan released on 1st February 2022 at 20:00 on ATV.

What will happen in Destan Episode 9 English Subtitles?

While returning to the palace, Alpagu khan and his companions are attacked. Someone tries to kidnap Balamir, which they brought with them. Akkız prevents him from being kidnapped but learns that the kidnapper is Çolpan chick. Colpan chick; He plans to join forces with Balamir when his plan to marry Tutkun to Kaya fails to take revenge on the sky palace. When Akkız doesn’t let Balamir go, she expels him from the Mountain.

When Kaya and the soldiers come, they act as if Cholpan had captured Balamir, but Saltuk saw all that had happened; He also took Akkız’s side and told Çolpan that he had made a mistake. In the episode, he goes to Çolpan and repeats it and takes a promise that he will not do anything. After he leaves, Cholpan continues his plans for Balamir.

When Balamir is captured again, everyone comes to the palace. Judgment is made. The convention decides. Balamir will be strangled with a beam at dawn the next day. Colpan contacts the Chinese ambassador to kidnap Balamir. He asks that he can give them Temur and Tutkun, but in return they kidnap Balamir from the palace. Princess and ambassador; He threatens someone in the palace with his family, puts the entire palace to sleep, and kidnaps Balamir.

Temur and Tutkun are hiding in an inn. Cholpan’s trackers find them and inform their inn. When Kunata hears this and informs the Batugas, the Double-Headed Wolf gives orders. Yaman and Sırma will go to the inn before them and persuade Temur to return to the palace and hide Tutkun. Indeed, Yaman and Sırma come, but mountain soldiers come and attack after them. Fortunately, Rock catches up with his soldiers and saves his brother, but Tutkun has been kidnapped.

During the trial, Balamir asks where the real Claw is. Alpagu puts the pieces together and realizes that Akkız is a claw. She orders him to flee, as he has done many things for himself. He says he will kill him if he is caught.

Alpagu han continues his anger by giving harsh judgments to everyone around him. He tells Kırçiçek that he will not marry her to his son, but to someone from a tribe. Since Kırçiçek does not want this, he threatens Batuga and Akkız. If they don’t save him and get him to marry Batuga, he’ll tell everyone that the Sky single is in his right mind. Of course, this will be the end of Batuga.

Akkız and Batuga; In order to get rid of Kırçiçek’s threat, he decides to go to the Mountain tribe, dig the khan’s kurgan, take the stamp and prove Talisman’s innocence. Batuga also comes, as one of that person’s blood needs permission to open the kurgan. They dig and open the kurgan, but the snake in the chest where the tamga should be; He stings Akkız.

It turns out that Vargı Beg, who had seen Çolpan and Akkız digging the kurgan, was hiding the snake in the cairn in the epic series, which was broadcast on Show TV screens. And Vargı beg did this at the behest of the Chinese Princess Mei Jin, with whom he was collaborating.

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