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Destan Episode 22 starring Ebru Sahin, Edip Tepeli, and Burak Tozkoparan released on 10th May 2022 at 20:00 on ATV.

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What will happen in Destan Episode 22 English Subtitles?

Akkız delivers Cholpan and Balamir to Alpagu Khan

Akkız, who ambushed the attacks on the caravans of the Gök Khanate, learned that the raiders were Balamir and Çolpan, and was surrounded by the Alps of Balamir. Akkız, who is stuck, comes out of this circle and delivers Balamir and Çolpan to Alpagu Khan.

The darkness above the truth is illuminated

Learning that Pied is a spy, will Batuga kill Pied? Or will he hand it over to Alpagu Han to reveal the true face of Ulu Ece? On the other hand, what will be the reaction of Akkız, who learns that Alaca, whose birth mother she knows, is a spy?

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Mei Jin had confronted Great Ece with Alpagu Han. What will Ulu Ece do to get out of the deadlock and save her life? Will Kaya betray Ulu Ece to save himself?

Kaya Gök Khanate sits on the throne

Injured by Temur to confess that he had raided the camp and had Tutkun killed, Kaya, breathing with the return of the merciless Itbaraks, sits on the Sky Throne instead of Alpagu Khan, who goes against the enemy. Knowing that if the Itbaraks are defeated, the arrows will return to him, what kind of moves will Kaya make to save himself?

Oguz Khan’s enemies are back

The Gök Khanate, shaken by palace intrigues, is unaware of the great danger that is coming. The Itbaraks, whose lineage was exterminated by Oghuz Khan in ancient times, resurfaced centuries later to avenge the Turks. Alpagu Khan, Gök Khanate; Will he be able to protect it from the Itbarak, headed by the ruthless Obar?

epic love

Faced with a new and terrible enemy, Alpagu Khan gave Akkız the task of securing the city of the Gök Horde and the palace until he returned himself. What are the dangers waiting for Akkız in this great mission? The ruthless Itbaraks also jeopardizes the love between Akkız and Batuga. With the decision of Alpagu Han, Akkız and Batuga’s epic love will be tested again.

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Brotherhood of Ulu Ece and Alaca

The older sisters, separated from each other at a very young age, come together again to destroy Akkız. What will be the current plan of Ulu Ece, who put Alaca Hatun next to Akkız with a clever plan? Will Akkız learn that Alaca doesn’t have a mother?

Will Cholpan and Balamir’s move be able to overthrow Alpagu Khan?

Alpagu Khan, who has decided to war, is shocked by the news from Kaya Yabgu, whom he has assigned to provide the food of the soldiers. What will be the move of Alpagu Khan, who learns that there is no grain and food left in the Sky Horde? What is the next goal of Çolpan and Balamir, whose plans are progressing as they wish?

What is Mei Jin’s big trump card?

Mei Jin, who made the mountain raid and left the swindler who tried to kill Batuga alive, wants to make the swindler confess everything and not only clean the slander against China, but also take Ulu Ece and Kaya to death. Will Mei Jin, who holds this big trump card in his hand, be successful?

sibling fight

Convinced that Tutkun was killed by Ulu Ece and Kaya, Temur defeats Kaya by ambushing him. Will Kaya, who is cornered, confess everything?

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