Destan Episode 8 English Subtitles Explained

Destan Episode 8 starring Ebru Sahin, Edip Tepeli, and Burak Tozkoparan releases on 25th January 2021 at 20:00 on ATV.

What will happen in Destan Episode 8 English Subtitles?

Günseli can’t stand the agony of Tutkun, whom she poisoned in the last episode, and confesses her crime and calls for help. If your passion dies; Ulu Ece, who was worried that the Çolpan woman would withdraw her support. He goes to the barn with his sons. Timur is very upset. Mei Jin recognizes the poison and says she has the antidote. However, there is one condition. Rock; She will marry Tutkun, but she will not be a candidate for the board. They have to accept and drink the antidote.

Cholpan Khan, who learns that Tutkun has been poisoned, causes a lot of trouble. Fortunately, Tutkun does not die. Chief Ulu immediately gives a gift of gold and silk apologizes to Günseli and sweetens the event. Colpan khan. He stipulates that Tutkun and Kaya get married in exchange for the vote and getting as much height as he can. However, when Temur kidnaps Tutkun at the end of the episode, Çolpan Khan gives the game to Balamir at the congress.

Akkız, Batuga, and Kün Ata set out to heal Alpagu in the epic series broadcast on ATV screens; He finds flowers blooming next to mountain kurgans. They pour the essence of the flower into the wound of the inn and heal it.

Balamir does not wait for the meeting of the congress. Balamir meets his daughter. He walks to the sky palace with his men and his begs. Since it is forbidden to kill Yabgu, he sits on the throne so that the throne will not be empty without bloodshed. It adds heavy taxes to the people. Mei Jin’s father, the Emperor of China, sends a priest to the palace, threatening that if Kaya or Balamir are elected khan, his armies will attack the country.

Batuga makes a plan. The people in the palace also help him. They make Balamir suspect the Yamans. He sends his army head to his obsession. They trap the man and take him to Alpagu Inn first. Alpaguhan tells him to talk that he knows everything about Balamir. The man does not speak; what they want is for the man to run away. They reduce the vigilance and allow him to escape. Balamir, who learned this from the commander who came to the palace, killed the man in front of his daughter.

They send what they call the army of the claw to kill Alpagu Khan and those around him. Because they are prepared, they defeat what is called the army of the claw. At that time, Çolpan brought begs with him; trying to prove the event. However, it turns out that the captured people are mute. Balamir; formed the army of the claw from the mute. Balamir can’t be blamed when Begler doesn’t hear a confession.

Ulu Ece is stuck in the palace by Çolpan and Mei Jen. Alpagu goes to the inn and tells them what happened. Akkız convinces Alpagu to fight. The sword activates Alpagu. Batuga tells Akkız about his plan to talk to Kırçiçek during the assembly. Akkız asks Kırçiçe to go up to the board and confess that she is a claw; She asks him to say that his father did everything. In response, Kırçiçek says that he wants to marry Batuga. Because the girl saw Akkız and Batuga talking at the head of the kurgans.

The convention convenes. All the begs, including Cholpan, vote for Balamir. As Balamir takes a victory lap, Alpagu khan appears and challenges him. He defeats Balamir in a sword fight but is forced to stop because they say he cannot kill the chosen khan. At that time, Kırçiçek, whom Batuga agreed to marry; When he turns up in the guise of a claw to avenge his lover and confesses to his father’s crimes, the convention falls. Alpagu remains inn again.

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